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Ten stunning natural anomalies

stunning naturalIn China, there is a river with a waterfall, which does not freeze in winter at minus 30 degrees Celsius. But in the middle of summer, stream, for unexplained reasons, begins to freeze.

2. Very tiny pond (100 × 60 m) in the Taldykurganskoy region of Kazakhstan does not dry up even in the height of summer, and the water is ice in it. There are no salmon fish and algae grow. Accurate studies were not conducted because the divers, even with a full tank of air starts to choke after just three minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon

Lunar anomalies moonSome pictures taken by different satellites seen very strange things on the lunar surface. It seems that the moon has artificial constructs, the size of which varies from very tiny, naturally having a parallelepiped shape to obelisks not less than 1.5 km in height.

Lovers of the paranormal even set up objects of these big castle, hanging high above the lunar surface. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anomalies Umbria

Anomalies, UdmurtiaFlying objects, poltergeist, voices, inexplicable feelings. On what would be the phenomenon we are speaking for them come from researchers anomalies of Udmurtia. Valeri Kotov team of like-minded “Sphere X” over the past 15 years has studied and tested countless legends and “strange” places. Most of unexplained phenomena found quite logical explanation. However, there are still a few, over which the researcher still puzzles.
“Devil’s swamp” – the tops of birch trees on it as if cut down. Branches from them either. Read the rest of this entry »

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