The Beast of Gevaudan

GevaudanThe starting point of this story can be considered July 3, 1764 . Location – Gevaudan province in the south of France. On that day, a young girl was killed by a wolf fang , known to history under the name of the Beast of Gevaudan . Wolves usually shun people and are close to human habitation only in very cold and hungry winter. But such was not the hero of this article. This animal is deliberately lying in wait for people on forest roads and not even afraid to come for the two-legged prey in villages in the light of the day . By the end of November 1764 the number of victims has reached ten. Continue reading “The Beast of Gevaudan”

An unknown animal that kill the people

March 26 near the train platform “Baranovo” locals came across a mutilated human body. Medics arrived later recorded the absence of certain body parts and internal organs. Is it in the area infested criminals selling people “on the bodies?” Much easier, but no less frightening – a local resident was the victim of an unknown animal.

During the forensic examination to establish the cause of death was not possible due to lack of body parts and internal organs – told in the press service of the SU TFR in the Tularegion. – The body of the deceased were found postmortem damage caused by the teeth of animals.

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The world’s oldest animal

oldest animalScientists have found life of the genus Fuxianhuia, lived 520 million years ago. This is made possible by the findings in terms of unique paleontological site – Chinese Syaoshibe place where scientists every year are dozens of fossils of the earliest organisms.

Members of the genus Fuxianhuia had elongated segmented body with numerous small legs and several pairs of elongated limbs in front of the torso. Last used to capture detritus – organic particles, such as fragments of algae sink to the bottom. Continue reading “The world’s oldest animal”

Cats have discovered gene spot

Biologists have found that the occurrence of mottled coloring cat is a mutation in the gene spot. Work published in the journal Science, and its contents resulting Science Now.

Merge lines in stains found in different species of the cat family. In the wild, however, this happens very rarely. Because of this, for example, cheetahs, bearing such coloring, once even contributed to a separate view. Continue reading “Cats have discovered gene spot”

The Great Sea Serpent

Great Sea Serpent3000 years there is a legend of the great sea serpent. Even though 300 years have seen him a thousand times, the official science pretends that it is not. It can be seen to recognize the existence of this animal, scientists need to see an animal in a zoo cage …

“It was scary and plausible. We felt like rabbits in front of a boa: absolutely helpless and defenseless … we just looked into the eyes of another, unknown world, incredibly far away, incredibly wrong.” The record made in the traveling American Journal of Ridgway and Blyth travelers about their meeting with the great sea serpent.
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10 interesting facts about rats

RatA small number of animals inspire more fear than rats. As a symbol of death and disease, they haunt us in nightmares, and climb the walls, dragging its scaly tail.
The annual damage in the billions of dollars and are the cause of plague, spoilage of food products, wiring and even bite babies in cribs. But at the same time, we can not underestimate the benefit to mankind. We offer you some interesting facts about our nasty neighbors in the animal world. Continue reading “10 interesting facts about rats”

The most spectacular animal flights

animal Millions of animals struggling to survive by killing each other. Animals kill each other just because they need food to survive in difficult conditions. Sometimes fights do not end with death, and the flight of one of the opponents, which, however, has little effect on the spectacular fight some are like…
Bear vs Tiger: To bear Maggie it was an ordinary day, she rested near the pond in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India. And then came the tiger. Of course, Maggie did not expect, but quickly regained consciousness and, so to speak, drove a large cat in the neck. In fact, the mother bear protecting her cubs. That’s really what is called a mother’s love! Continue reading “The most spectacular animal flights”