The Beast of Gevaudan

The starting point of this story can be considered July 3, 1764 . Location – Gevaudan province in the south of France. On that day, a young girl was killed by a wolf fang , known to history under the name of the Beast of Gevaudan . Wolves usually shun people and are close to… Read more The Beast of Gevaudan

The world’s oldest animal

Scientists have found life of the genus Fuxianhuia, lived 520 million years ago. This is made possible by the findings in terms of unique paleontological site – Chinese Syaoshibe place where scientists every year are dozens of fossils of the earliest organisms. Members of the genus Fuxianhuia had elongated segmented body with numerous small legs… Read more The world’s oldest animal

The Great Sea Serpent

3000 years there is a legend of the great sea serpent. Even though 300 years have seen him a thousand times, the official science pretends that it is not. It can be seen to recognize the existence of this animal, scientists need to see an animal in a zoo cage … “It was scary and… Read more The Great Sea Serpent