Where is our world?

Life is movement, and not necessarily straightforward. The whole world is permeated fluctuations and vibrations – perhaps this is the source of life. Therefore, the wave theory is reflected at all levels, if you look closely – it is all over. Let our state of health (that is worse, the better) – a small wave,… Read more Where is our world?

Found the remains of extraterrestrial life

The Scientific Center of Russia’s planetary protection NGOs behalf Lavochkin Evgeniy Dmitriev found fragments of fossils of living creatures in the field falling to the ground and Krasnoturanskogo the Tunguska meteorite. According to researchers, this fact proves the existence of extraterrestrial life., in the course of research in the areas falling heavenly bodies he found… Read more Found the remains of extraterrestrial life

All are descendants of Aliens

All living on planet Earth are descended from extraterrestrials. Leading British scientist claims that humanity is in its present form is the successor of the representatives of different alien races – “space aliens“. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff University on the results of his study made it “revolutionary” conclusion, the report of which appears in… Read more All are descendants of Aliens

The aliens live

Scientists from the Bulgarian Space Research Institute say they are currently working on deciphering the messages from another planet, written by a complex system of symbols. The aliens, according to the Bulgarian scientists, currently responsible for 30 issues, which they were raised. Lachezar Filipo, deputy director of the Institute of Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of… Read more The aliens live


As if specifically podgadal to disappoint the faithful. After all, along with his supporters, he actually questioned the existence of angels. Yet it is these winged minions of God, as is known, and heralded the appearance in our world, baby Jesus, that the birth, in fact, Christians celebrate. Of course, the professor is not stated… Read more Angels