Space Monsters

American astronomers have discovered a whole class of space objects about which scientists previously had no idea. We are talking about dwarf black holes, which occupy an intermediate position between the most massive neutron stars and black holes of small mass, whose existence was not in doubt.

However, in recent years, more and more reports have appeared about unusual cosmic phenomena that can be caused by completely exotic objects. talks about hypothetical stars whose existence may never be proved. Continue reading “Space Monsters”

Mysterious angel priest appears at Missouri car crash site

AngelA mysterious Catholic priest showed up to the site of a car crash in Missouri on Sunday, with witnesses saying he offered a blessing before disappearing just as quickly as he arrived.

But those at the site of the crash, including a number of rescue workers, are now at a loss after realizing no one knows the identity of the mysterious holy man who does not appear in any of the nearly 70 photographs taken at the scene of the accident.

“I think it’s a miracle,” Raymond Reed, fire chief of New London, told USA Today. “I would say whether it was an angel that was sent to us in the form of a priest or a priest that became our angel, I don’t know. Either way, I’m good with it.”

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Is there a sex of the angels?

It is not just once or twice occurred to those who first encounters with the divine theme in his life. “And if not, why not all angels are male names?”. Question worthy to cut down on a good two minutes, even connoisseurs of orthodoxy.
The essence of the angelic nature has long troubled the minds of believers. Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, reporting the perfect immateriality and invisibility of God, spoke about the angels, as beings “are not entirely recovered from the body and certainly not invisible” beings who have “thin, fiery vozduhoobraznymi or bodies in which they were repeatedly and were are visible. ”
Who are the Angels? Translated from the Greek word “angel” means “messenger”, as they are called messengers because God sends them to proclaim His will. In the biblical book of Job says: “When things were made created the stars, voshvalisha Me, all ye angels voice veliim My” (Job 38.7). Continue reading “Is there a sex of the angels?”

Cretan miracle – the cave church.

cave, church.This remarkable example of the cave Orthodox church. This small but amazingly beautiful church located a cave a natural origin. Most caves Cave specifically in the rock or other solid ground rocks, in our case the space for the church created by nature, and a master with great professionalism built a wall and gave birth to a miracle.

It would be faster to start any journey, my soul thirsts for new unique beauty and scenery. Our planet is so vast.
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Where is our world?

Life is movement, and not necessarily straightforward. The whole world is permeated fluctuations and vibrations – perhaps this is the source of life.

Therefore, the wave theory is reflected at all levels, if you look closely – it is all over. Let our state of health (that is worse, the better) – a small wave, a person’s life – the average life of mankind – a big wave (exaggeration, of course).

Now we are in the lower peak of the wave of development, need a positive message to the reversal, some construction equipment to strengthen, or dropped below the axis, and again some kind of Noah from the unknown planet would have to populate the earth, if you will settle that. But warriors can turn it into something like a Mars or Venus….
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Found the remains of extraterrestrial life

extraterrestrial, lifeThe Scientific Center of Russia’s planetary protection NGOs behalf Lavochkin Evgeniy Dmitriev found fragments of fossils of living creatures in the field falling to the ground and Krasnoturanskogo the Tunguska meteorite. According to researchers, this fact proves the existence of extraterrestrial life., in the course of research in the areas falling heavenly bodies he found a special substance – strimerglasy. Substances that were originally adopted for the slag, in appearance reminded green bottle glass, he added.
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Begins a new search for extraterrestrials

AlianThe idea of the existence and the search for extraterrestrial life began in the 17 th century, when Galileo invented the microscope and there was the theory of Copernicus’ heliocentric system of the world.

Assumptions were made about the existence of lunar inhabitants, and later the Martians. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is based on the idea of the origin and evolution of life on Earth.

Recently, however, it was suggested that in finding extraterrestrial life forms should not be restricted version of the Earth’s evolution, and perceptions about the similarity of extraterrestrial organisms with people who wrote Cosmos era.
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In the Crimean cave shows traces of aliens

People in Britain who continue to amaze scientists from all over the world, added another one graphical puzzle. At this time the mysterious symbols found in the study of rock-solid Chatir Dagbyli one of the Crimean caves.

Among the rock carvings found unknown, researchers have recognized the image of a flying saucer. Head of Zaporizhzhya regional association of ufologists Vladislav Buzzard said that one of the walls of the cave painters of the Stone Age captured ellipsoobrazny object with rays surrounded by dance strange fellows.
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All are descendants of Aliens

All living on planet Earth are descended from extraterrestrials. Leading British scientist claims that humanity is in its present form is the successor of the representatives of different alien races – “space aliens“.

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff University on the results of his study made it “revolutionary” conclusion, the report of which appears in the material of the British edition Chetvergova MIgnews.

Astobiolog Wickramasinghe believes that life on earth brought it a comet, which used to be “visited” on the moon. He argues that the microbes have got from the remote depths of space on the surface of the Earth, formed the basis for the later development of species diversity.
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The aliens live

aliensScientists from the Bulgarian Space Research Institute say they are currently working on deciphering the messages from another planet, written by a complex system of symbols. The aliens, according to the Bulgarian scientists, currently responsible for 30 issues, which they were raised.

Lachezar Filipo, deputy director of the Institute of Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed that such scientific work really is.
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