The ancient underground tunnels

caveThe ancient underground tunnels wrapped in a web of nearly the entire globe, was born thanks to the event, what happened in 2003 As a result of the validation data, it was found that the life jacket is really belonged to Sema Belovsky. But how this thing could get out of the waters of Indian Ocean water lost in the depths of the lake in central Russia, breaking the distance of 4000 kilometers, and it is a straight line? And then there was an incredible version of the existence of ancient underground tunnels that connect remote areas of the Earth. But who paved the way these underground when and for what purpose remains a mystery story.
Not once, not one student drew attention to the existence, along with the lines underground, mine workings and natural caves, underground cavities created by ancient civilizations, as it were by our predecessors. It is not just about giant halls, machining the walls of which almost completely hide the secondary natural processes (stalactites and stalagmites, sinters and cracks). Continue reading “The ancient underground tunnels”