The Pope soon announce contact with aliens

PopeA scientist from Harvard says that the Catholic Church is actively preparing for the contact with the aliens. And supposedly soon Pope Francis will disclose information about contact with aliens. This will take place June 15, 2015.

But is this really so? At least Daniel Sheehan (Sheehan), a graduate of Harvard and the American public servant, scientist and expert on American law and international affairs, said that we may soon hear of the existence of extraterrestrials. Continue reading “The Pope soon announce contact with aliens”

Galactic supernovae appeared vacuum cleaner

Galactic supernovaePowerful supernova appeared a kind of galactic maidens – they, along with the super-massive black holes, swept the gas and dust of galaxies and thus gradually suffocate them, astronomers say in an article published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Previous studies have shown that bursts of activity black holes may limit the rate of star birth in large galaxies, but not entirely prevent their formation, that is really going on. Something else must sweep gas, which is saturated with the dying light of the galaxy and sverhnovye- vacuum cleaners are perfectly suited to this role, said Mark voiti from the University of Massachusetts in Ann Arbor USA. Continue reading “Galactic supernovae appeared vacuum cleaner”

Our souls are in our eyes

our eyesAccording to a new study by psychologists at Yale University, most people intuitively feel that there I, known as soul or ego, is situated within their eyes. In three experiments, the experts asked preschool children and adults about the exact location of the self in the body. Participants were shown pictures of cartoon characters in each picture present a small object fly or snowflake, located at the same distance near a specific part of the body face, trunk or legs. Then the participants were asked which of the photos were the closest object It is to the body. The hypothesis states that the answer to this question lies the answer for the intuitive arrangement of the soul.  Continue reading “Our souls are in our eyes”

Scientists understand the causes of strong magnetic storms

magnetic stormsAmerican scientists have discovered a previously unknown 2-year cycle of solar activity along with 11. It is connected with the release of powerful magnetic fields from the depths to the surface of the star. When applying two cycles at every other having the most dangerous for the Earth solar perturbations.

2-year cyclic phenomena are caused by the release of ring-shaped zones of magnetic fields on the Sun’s surface through tackling – thin boundary between convection and radiation area. On the Sun has a strip with slow waves, able to move and deform. Continue reading “Scientists understand the causes of strong magnetic storms”

The laser beam into a spiral creating a quantum swirl

spiral creating a quantum swirlPhysicists from the Australian National University have developed a technology twist the laser beam into a spiral and used the beam to create a whirlpool hybrid light-matter particles called polaritons. Polaritons – it kvazchiastitsy having both properties of light and matter. For a long time, scientists were only able to create these quasi-particles, but to control and manipulate them failed by any methods available. But such control behavior of polarities is a very promising area, with the help of the quasiparticles can create a completely new technology, electronics is usually associated with laser or fiber optic technology. Polarities are formed on the surface of semiconductor materials, when the laser light begins to specifically interact with free electrons and electron vacancies in the crystal lattice, so-called electron holes, which are carriers of positive electric charge. Continue reading “The laser beam into a spiral creating a quantum swirl”

The minimum distance to the moon NASA probe

 NASA probeSpace agency NASA probe to the Moon came closer than ever. It seems that we are waiting for a series of new scientific discoveries about our neighbor. On May 4, an automatic interplanetary station Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LRO, has performed a maneuver by changing orbit. Now, from the south pole of the moon probe is separated 20 km from the north – 165 km. In keeping with the previous course, the lunar orbiter could get closer to the south pole of the satellite at 30 km. We have reduced the orbit of LRO and probe closer to the moon. Continue reading “The minimum distance to the moon NASA probe”

Moscow is located above the underground sea

underground seaMuscovites face a much greater danger than the global monetary crisis and even World War III. Few populace know about the so-called Moscow underground sea. Its existence has opened Academician Gubkin, which shaped a geological reconnaissance to detect oil directly under Moscow and its suburbs. Instead of oil Academician Gubkin discovered a huge water tank, assuming that this part of the sea, which at one time covered Central Russian plain. For some reason, this part of the sea has filled a huge void for the territory on which the modern city of Moscow. According to the geological survey found that the main area of the underground sea is mainly located within the Moscow Ring Road MKAD, few go beyond its borders more or less considerable distance from 5 to 30 km. Continue reading “Moscow is located above the underground sea”

Scientists have discovered the amazing life in the ocean

discovered the amazing life in the oceanOn September 2009, from the French port of Lorient went 36-meter schooner Tara, setting off a large-scale project for the study of marine plankton communities Tara Oceans. For three and a half years, an international team of scientists collected more than 35,000 samples of living organisms, trying to build a holistic view of life in the upper layers of the oceans. The first results of the study were presented in five papers published in a special issue of the publication Science. They include a catalog of over 40 million microbial genes, most of which were previously unknown and 5000 genetic types of viruses. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered the amazing life in the ocean”

The Gothic city of bones

 Gothic city of bonesClary Fray never considers myself to be elected and certainly did not know that it is the twilight hunter, defender of the world from demons. Suddenly she meets a parallel reality in which they live magical wizards, vampires, werewolves and other scary creatures, which she did not even know. Clary decided to join the group of Demon Hunters, which only sees it, to save his mother from the villain and a demon named Valentine. She falls in love with one of the representatives of the world, defenders of the demons.

She learns that is a kind of trump card, to help the team win the Shadow hunters crowd of demons. In difficult battles and exciting twists of the plot turns out that Claire hunts for his own father. The atmosphere is so fascinating that the watcher has the impression of presence in the film. It is value noting and a terrific game of the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the characters and the music, which emphasizes a fascinating story. Continue reading “The Gothic city of bones”

The history of America covered

America coveredThe most severe drought in the United States over the last 1200 years has led to that in the west of the country has begun the greatest water crisis. And it once again raises the issue of provision of water the entire population of the planet. Scientists warn that the majority of the United States will be converted and changed, and millions of Americans will be forced to look for a new place to live.

This is no ordinary drought. Scientists note that California has not seen anything like this for at least 1,200 years. The water level in Lake Mead, which is the largest in America reached its lowest level since 1930, when Hoover Dam was completed. California has already introduced restrictions on the use of water, and there are numerous reports about the theft of water in the most affected areas. Continue reading “The history of America covered”