Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate

EvolutionAbout two million years ago in what is Olduvai Gorge dramatically changed climate: drought alternated with wet periods. The researchers suggest that this may have influenced the evolution of human ancestors.

Scientists examined sediments that formed in a long time in the lakes of Olduvai Gorge. Tracked how changes in sediment over time the composition of organic wax that covers the leaves of plants, scientists have concluded that the local ecosystem there were sharp fluctuations in climate. Continue reading “Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate”

The arrival of our associates of the Tatars were not quite the Slavs

The origins and development of not only the state but also the people, it is already at the initial stages of its formation (Kievan Rus), East Slavic tribes mingled with the Finno-Ugrian, lived in what is now Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions (of the same name Peipsi Lake comes from the Finno-Ugric tribe Chud), with the Scandinavians (Vikings), and, of course, with the Turkic tribes in the south and east of Russia, who paid tribute to the Prince of Kiev. This is stated in the “Tale of Bygone Years”, where the tributaries are called “our unclean”, ie Pagans. Note the pronoun “we”, ie particular ethnic race with them was not felt. Thus, the coming of the Tartars, our ancestors were “on Blood” is not quite the Slavs, that is, and evropeytsemi, and Asians.
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Our ancestors stood up

ancestors Straightened in all growth that was not so hot – that’s long been considered one of the reasons why our ancestors began walking on two legs in a hot and sunny climate.

But now scientists say it’s not entirely true. A group of scientists conducted a study aimed at trying to figure out than our ancestors, who were probably covered with a thick woolen cover, to sacrifice in order to move in a hot environment the African savannah. Continue reading “Our ancestors stood up”

In The Morocco, found the ancient city of underground animals

ancientAbove 240 million years ago, unknown creatures dug up an entire underground city in Morocco.This is the oldest example of such a structure at low latitudes. Globally, the leader of South Africa are burrows constructed by 5 million years earlier. Perhaps the authors of both structures were similar establishment. “Imagine a sturdy four-legged animal with a rather short body, small tail and short neck – said study author Sebastian Voigt of the Geological Institute of Technology, University of Freiberg (Germany). – The length of the trunk was about 20-25 cm We have to admit that the beast had a five-strong fingers with claws adapted for use in moderately soft ground. Continue reading “In The Morocco, found the ancient city of underground animals”

Ancient Civilizations-Mayan Palace is found in southern Mexico

MayanThe new palace of the Maya Empire found in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, the archaeologists of this country.
As representatives of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, an ancient city in whose territory the palace, was created about 2000 years ago.
Detected Palace Mayan archeologists assigned the name “Plan de Ayutla.” They pointed out that the discovered archaeological site burial, age is related to years of 900-1000 AD. Public access to the new historical center expected to open next year. Continue reading “Ancient Civilizations-Mayan Palace is found in southern Mexico”

Deluge should happen in this century

In the next 100 years the ocean will carry out a serious attack on the shore and engulf more countries. Now in the oceans there are processes similar to those on Earth during the Last Glacial period.

Spanish scientists from the University of Seville have calculated that in the next 100 years the ocean will carry out a serious attack on the shore and engulf more countries.

Scientists link the rate of rise of the oceans to global warming.
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Birthplace of human ancestors may not be Africa

placeScientists have found fossils of human ancestor’s size of a mouse, the structure of the body which indicates that they are of Asian descent and subsequent migration to Africa at least 39 million years ago, according to an article Wednesday in the research.
This discovery casts doubt on the dominant at the present time of submission of scientists about the origin of man and his ancestors, according to which the first anthropoids – the great apes, given subsequently beginning of the line of hominids – appeared on the territory of modern Egypt’s 37 million years ago.
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Our ancestors ate women and children?

ancestorsScientists from the University of Heidelberg found evidence of the existence in Europe of Neolithic strange cult of ritual cannibalism.

It turned out that living 7 thousand years ago on the banks of the Rhine they brought casualties.

Large Neolithic graves near the village Herxheim was found in 1994, but excavations on it were begun only in 2005. By the end of 2009, archaeologists have published the first results of their work.

It turns out that in the vast cemetery are the remains of up to 1000 people killed in a certain ritual sacrifice. In this case the bones of many people have been gnawed or had teeth marks.
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