Europeans in the Amazon live 8 million people

 Amazon people

Amazon was not at all covered by virgin forest, which is almost untouched by human hands – on the contrary, before the arrival of Europeans in the New World, a large part of the territory occupied by the fields and villages, they lived up to 8 million people. This conclusion was American scientists, authors of the article in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Ecology and Genetics Charles Clement from the National Institute for Research on the Amazon (Brazil) and his colleagues collected data on plants, soils and landscapes of the region, comparing them with the data archaeologists and linguists, create a map of the local languages. It turned out that before the arrival of Europeans, the Indians learned to cultivate at least 83 species of plants, including sweet potatoes, cocoa, tobacco and pineapple. Continue reading “Europeans in the Amazon live 8 million people”