Povegliya island Italy-amazing islands in the world

Povegliya islandThe island Povegliya – one of the most haunted haunted places in the world, and knowing his history, it is easy to understand why. Located in the southern part of the Venetian lagoon between Venice and the island of Lido, Povegliya began to settle back in the 421-year people fleeing from the invaders from the mainland, and in 1348, the year the inhabitants left the island to escape the raging in Venice bubonic plague.

Like other small uninhabited islands Povegliya used to isolate victims of the disease, many of whom were there after the death of a burned on huge pyres. Continue reading “Povegliya island Italy-amazing islands in the world”

Hasim island, Japan

Hasim island Hasim Island, located about 15 km southwest of Nagasaki can be considered extraordinary, even without going to it: the previously announced the most densely populated area in the world, with a population density of 5,259 people per km2, this island of the mining industry in the East China Sea is now completely abandoned.

The Japanese began to develop Hasim island when rocks islands were discovered deposits of coal: Fukahori family built the first shaft, which then, in 1887, was sold to a corporation Mitsubishi for 100 thousand yen. Continue reading “Hasim island, Japan”

Alcatraz Island, USA- amazing islands in the world

USA islandFew islands of the United States as notorious Alcatraz – a small rock in the middle of San Francisco Bay, with an outpost located on it. Spanish explorer California Lieutenant Juan Manuel de Ayala first discovered the island in 1775, the year and gave him the name of Pelican Island because of the huge numbers of seabirds nesting on the island.

Strong rock sat untouched until 1853, the year when the United States Army built a fortress for the defense of the San Francisco Bay, is sometimes also used as a prison. Continue reading “Alcatraz Island, USA- amazing islands in the world”

Floating islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru- amazing islands in the world

islands Floating This is not the island, in a geographical sense, but one of the most interesting sights in Peru: local tribe living on a chain of about 60 islands floating near the largest city on Lake Titicaca Puno, called them actually Floating Islands.

In fact, the island – this mat, woven from the totora reed, whose dimensions reach half a football field: the thickness of the mats – three to four meters, with each other and with the bottom of the lake they are tied a long rope. Continue reading “Floating islands of Lake Titicaca, Peru- amazing islands in the world”

Island of the Dolls, Mexico- amazing islands in the world

Mexico- amazing islands Anyone who has seen at least one of the films about the doll Chucky agree dolls can be very scary. Especially when they are hanging on the trees, covered with cobwebs and insects crawling out of the empty eye sockets – such a spectacle awaits you when you arrive at the Island of Dolls, located in one of the districts of the Federal District of Mexico City.

The origin of this creepy place bizarre scenario as Tim Burton or M. Night Shyamalan: a man named Don Julio came to the island after the tragic death of his whole family, Continue reading “Island of the Dolls, Mexico- amazing islands in the world”