Ten amazing animals that are able to speak

SpeakIf you have a pet, then you probably have at least a few times talking to him as if it is – a man. But the animals, by itself, can not talk. Or can they? Suggest you read about ten different animals, from elephants to the vast small dogs who have something to say about it.

1. Kaushik, elephant

Kaushik – Asian elephant, has a special talent: he can talk. However, only a little, just five words in Korean: annyong (hi), anja (sit), aniya (no), nuo (lie) and choah (good). Continue reading “Ten amazing animals that are able to speak”

The most amazing ancient artifacts

ancient artifactsAccording to the interpretation of some fundamentalists, the Bible says that God created Adam and Eve a few thousand years ago. Science says that it’s just fiction, and that man a few million years, but civilization – tens of thousands of years.

But could it be that conventional science is mistaken as well as biblical history? There is plenty of archaeological evidence that the history of life on Earth can be quite different from that which we now tell the geological and anthropological texts. Continue reading “The most amazing ancient artifacts”

Amazing Christmas traditions from around the world

Christmas holydayJanuary 6th part of Christian churches celebrate Christmas Eve, the main winter religious holiday. For this celebration, every nation has created its own traditions, sometimes very unusual and colorful. And our today’s review focuses on the ten most interesting Christmas rituals from around the world.

In the old movie Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka very clearly and plausibly shown that, as pointed out and celebrate Holy Evening in Ukraine. Young people from all over the village , leads through the streets dressed as a goat or her person from house to house, singing songs, carols and collect treats from the owners visited households. One of the participants is on a wooden pole symbolic representation of the Star of Bethlehem. Continue reading “Amazing Christmas traditions from around the world”

Fort Boyard, France- amazing islands in the world

BoyardWhat could be more unusual than a 200-year-old fortress that resembles a floating bath which removed a popular TV show? It is about Forte Boy yard located near the west coast of France.

Construction of the fortress was conceived as part of France’s military build-up in the 60s XVI-th century during the reign of Louis XIV, but work continued until 1809, the year sometimes suspended because of the attacks of the British: to build a foundation, workers had to put on the sandy bottom of the shallow water 75 thousand m 3 stones. Continue reading “Fort Boyard, France- amazing islands in the world”

Socotra, Yemen – amazing islands in the world

Socotra islandHill in the Indian Ocean off the coasts of Somalia and Yemen – Socotra, owned by Yemen, so as unusual, how dangerous the surrounding areas. The climate on the island is very arid, and unique flora and fauna – the result of its isolation, resulting from separation from the mainland 250 million years ago.

If no location in one of the most volatile regions of the world, the island area of 3625 km ², nicknamed the Galapagos of the East, would be an ideal place for eco-tourists from all over the world. Continue reading “Socotra, Yemen – amazing islands in the world”

Palms, Dubai- amazing islands in the world

PalmsIt is not surprising that these amazing artificial islands located in Dubai – a city whose generosity enough even for an indoor ski slope and a 160-story skyscraper.

One of the Palm – Jumeirah, created by order of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has 16 branches in the 1 km long each, surrounded by a circular barrier length of 11 km. The length of the main island is 5 km, and the total area – 31 km ². Continue reading “Palms, Dubai- amazing islands in the world”

Rocky Mountains found an amazing cave

amazing caveRocky Mountains in Canada discovered a new cave. Cavers called the new world of rumbling ice abyss.

Rocky Mountains in Canada discovered a new cave. Cavers called the new world of rumbling ice abyss because of the amazing acoustics in the cave. Falling over a stone produces a rather loud sound, striking the bottom of the 140-meter cave.
Continue reading “Rocky Mountains found an amazing cave”

In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes

Atmospheric situation in South-East Europe, contributed to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions in the regions of Ukraine and Russia. Last night at the West of Ukraine came out cold atmospheric front.

At the same time on the North-West of the Black Sea was southern cyclone. The combination of these factors not only ends a long period of beach weather, but can bring down a set of adverse events associated with strong convection. Continue reading “In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes”

The volcano is spewing ash and smoke Curl in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia–a volcano in Northern Indonesia spewing hot smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air after two new eruptions.
The volcano on the island of Sulawesi Curl came back to life last year.

Activity of the volcano was resumed on Friday with two strong eruptions and continued today on Saturday.

Residents were on alert, but evacuation is not planned yet. The nearest village is outside the danger zone for about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) from the crater. Continue reading “The volcano is spewing ash and smoke Curl in Indonesia”

Cats have discovered gene spot

Biologists have found that the occurrence of mottled coloring cat is a mutation in the gene spot. Work published in the journal Science, and its contents resulting Science Now.

Merge lines in stains found in different species of the cat family. In the wild, however, this happens very rarely. Because of this, for example, cheetahs, bearing such coloring, once even contributed to a separate view. Continue reading “Cats have discovered gene spot”