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Astrobiologists create color catalog to search for alien life

alien lifeTo facilitate the search for life on planets outside our solar system, an international group of scientists has created a library of “Flower of Life” – a colorful catalog that contains a list of color “signatures” of microbial life of the Earth, which can be found on the surface of other worlds.

The new database gives people a better chance to approach the answer to the question of the presence of life beyond our planet.This database gives us a new idea might look like distant inhabited worlds says the study’s lead author, Professor of Astronomy Lisa Kaltenegger Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell University, studying exoplanets and models potentially habitable worlds. – We have considered a variety of sets of forms life, some of which are found in most living organisms unfriendly parts of the Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alien life will help impartiality

AlienThe scientists who are searching for extraterrestrial life outside our solar system, should not be in their studies ignore the planet with the non – Earth environment.  This is the opinion Sara Seager, an expert at the Massachusetts Institute .  According to an expert, look for the Foreign land is logical, if you focus only on planets like ours, you can simply do not notice other extrasolar planets with conditions suitable for life.

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