Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base

alien basePhotography enthusiasts continue to explore distant planets and finding suggests that the Martian satellite – Phobos, has a huge database of aliens.

However, this is not a new discovery, and the existence of a mysterious monolithic satellites of Mars – Phobos, announced in 2009, the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who insisted on the need to study the mysterious structure of a satellite of Mars – Phobos, which is much-said monoliths as some unusual geometric shapes.

When asked what this building and it has built, he believes that you have built the universe. An interesting statement from a man who came to the second surface of the moon. Continue reading “Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base”

The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base

 alien baseThe pictures of the Moon in Google Earth, in one of the craters can be considered unusual square grooves, similar to the entrance to the underground bunker.

Bancroft  a small impact crater on the eastern border of the Sea of Rains on the visible side of the Moon. Continue reading “The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base”

Alien base on the lunar surface

 lunar surface alienStrange object, consisting of seven points of light, became a mystery to scientists. They are scratching their heads, it’s part of an alien spaceship, located beneath the dust of the moon, or a secret lunar base on which people are?

Triangular anomaly, which began to appear around the various theories, was recorded on a map of the Moon from Google. It has a series of seven light-points along its edge, which is why it can be taken as the base or alien spacecraft. Continue reading “Alien base on the lunar surface”