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The KGB in search of alien mummy

mummyIn 1961, the central organ of the KGB sent an expedition to Egypt. The expedition was called Project Isis, the purpose of the project was the search for knowledge and technology of ancient Egypt, which in the latter could be used for military applications.

The expedition to the KGB decided after information emerged about the discovery of two local Bedouins mysterious tomb. The find was made in one of the Giza pyramids. Found in the tomb is not in vain called mysterious, because after its discovery, both Bedouin worry tombs were hospitalized, but doctors were unable to diagnose. Read the rest of this entry »

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The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien

mummy alienIn the backroom of the pyramid of Pharaoh mummy found alien. There is conjecture that she is not alone. The small body of an alien with big eyes was found in a secret room near the room where the body was placed Egyptian pharaoh pyramid tomb!

Perfectly potted by careful mummification foreign body was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the vicinity of the tomb of Senusret II. Information about finding a mummy appeared in public a few days ago, and there is subjective evidence that we have found and other bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to breed aliens?

aliensAliens exist, but how they reproduce? Information on this subject is extremely small, so we can only recognize the mechanisms of imitation that evolution has selected … the world.

In science fiction, it often comes to artificial reproduction- usually for human cloning to produce organs and eugenics, ie the selection of embryos according to previously established criteria.  Science fiction is rarely focuses on the field or imitation of aliens. Some works, however, talk about the intergalactic love, kidnappings and violent relationships. As is often the case, the aliens are a reflection of our fears and secret fantasies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who will give us signals from space?

UFOsThe region Ozma star Tau China adopted a clear coded pulses. In the press over the past decade, a huge mass of published material about the signals from space flights and accidents UFOs, mysterious crop pictures that resemble the coded messages of a different mind. first officially recorded case of getting mysterious signals from outer space dates back to 1889. It happened in the Colorado lab of Nikola Tesla. Repeated experience has given no result. In 1921, the strange signals received Guglielmo Marconi. And again it was a coincidence. After seven years of scientific press reported about the mysterious echoes of any facility located outside of the Earth’s ionosphere. 1959 – NASA’s recorded signals of unknown satellite of our planet, but soon reported that this is a mistake.

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The man – a space alien?

alienThe American scientists working on the program search for extraterrestrial intelligence could be described as sensational. The concern is that one of the closest star to Earth systems can be an exact copy of our solar system, only in the early stages of development. It is possible therefore that man once copied itself like creature which lived millions of years ago in the distant worlds. great Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius – one of the first Nobel Prize winners – expressed at the end of the 1 century the idea of panspermia- Life on Earth could be Bring the excitement of space exploration. Official science of the twentieth century ignored this hypothesis, referring to the spontaneous generation of molecules of life on Earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Moon – alien spaceship ?

Moon alien spaceshipSome scientists do not rule out the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on the moon . When American astronauts visited the earth satellite , of course they did not find the lunar inhabitants – people of that time and did not expect to see them. However, after the famous steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon our night light start to think Earthlings one mystery after another …

It is hard to say how our planet looked like in those ancient times , when the ” spaceship ” called ” Moon ” was in Earth orbit, which catastrophic disasters accompanied this event? Read the rest of this entry »

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The alien city under Japanese Sea

The coast of Japanese a mysterious ancient city in deep water. The city, which is described as enigmatic, has a pyramid in which some of the stone monoliths are engraved with some sort of strange symbols. Some research suggests that a race of giant aliens built the city long before the existence of humans. The pyramid is very small which makes it one of those smaller pyramids was created 100,000 years before the creation of the pyramids of Egypt.

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Life on Mars-What it will be like?

MarsThe first flight to Mars has attracted more than 78,000 applicants for only two weeks of applying. Thus, if the flight is successful, what will happen to those who will be selected for the flight? Is it dangerous? Life on Mars is comparable to the promotion of the Antarctica, with similar problems, according to the Mars One. The average temperature is -50 degrees Celsius (-58 F). The colonization of Mars will be developed in a similar way as on the basis of the research, and on the cold continent were created livelihoods. Based on the solar panels will be used for energy, and will be re-used as much as possible materials. Read the rest of this entry »

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How did the alien man

aliens man

The super-civilizations spread and consolidation of life in the universe – the meaning of their existence. The first major intervention of aliens occurred at the intersection of eras, that is somewhere 60-70 million years ago, when they made a radical reorganization of the planetary solar system.

As a result of this intervention on the Earth’s climate has changed significantly in the direction of cooling and there was a radical redistribution of the dominant species on the land, with the predominant role of warm-blooded animals. Read the rest of this entry »

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The body of the famous Atacama humanoid contains a nonhuman DNA

AlienA strange fact – if in the Russian media exaggerated reports that studies have found human DNA, the Western media, which actually carried out the examination, which revealed a non-human DNA.

It’s small, like an alien creature was found in the Atacama desert a few years ago. His height is about fifteen centimeters.

It was sold to Ramon Navia Osorio, a wealthy businessman from Barcelona, who runs the Spanish Institute exobiological Research – UFO organization, founded in 1975. Read the rest of this entry »

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