World AIDS Day under the theme “Getting to Zero”

AIDS Day2012 this year’s World Day of AIDS is to “Getting to Zero.” This means zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination against people with HIV and zero AIDS-related deaths.
In recent years there have been many advances: AIDS is no longer a death sentence. When the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) embarked on this struggle in 2000 – providing treatment to a small number of people in Thailand, South Africa and Cameroon – very few had access to treatment in developing countries.
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Scientists have discovered how the AIDS virus deceives the immune cells

AIDSSpain and Germany have unraveled one of the key mechanisms of immunodeficiency virus in the human body, which will create new treatments for AIDS.
A team led by Javier Martinez-Picado (Javier Martinez-Picado) of the Centre for the Study of AIDS in Barcelona IrsiCaixa described in an article published in the journal PLoS Biology, a previously unknown mechanism of the virus HIV-1 in dendritic cells – a type of immune system cells of human .

These cells are located in the mucous membranes of man, the first meet the infection. They are laughing harmful cells, and then transmit the samples to other immune cells – T lymphocytes, which trigger a full-blown immune response.
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AIDS vaccine already exists?

A team of U.S. scientists, including a native of Kazakhstan, Ken Alibek (formerly – Kanatzhan Alibekov), today announced the sensational discovery: HIV actually does not breed or breed from substantially the lowest rate in the blood of people vaccinated against smallpox naturally.

As you know, the sudden appearance and an explosive spread of HIV throughout the world and found no clear explanation. Proceeding from the fact that this phenomenon may be due to the cessation of vaccination against smallpox, the scientists conducted a study of the susceptibility to HIV infection of blood of people vaccinated.
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HIV does not cause AIDS

AIDS,HIVHIV does not lead to anything. Shocking lie that HIV – the only cause of AIDS, has been fully accepted by the scientific community and the public later.

But HIV – the virus is very weak not able to destroy the immune system. The assertion that AIDS is sexually transmitted – also a lie.

There are two types of viruses. Let’s call the first, using an aviation analogy, the “pilot”, and the other “passengers”. The pilot is able to change the nature of the cell and cause the body to the disease, which usually occurs rapidly, once the virus begins to reproduction in cells. Passengers also lives at the expense of cells exists in it, but not destroy it.
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