Stone spearheads age 280,000 years old found in Africa

spearheads ageStone spearheads age 280,000 years old found in Africa. Spearheads – corny, you may say, but the entire affair is that a sensible person, appeared only after 85,000 years! It is the oldest known stone spearheads and they come first all of the known human fossils at 85,000 years.

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Ruins of Atlantis off the coast of Africa?

Ruins, AtlantisScuba rectangular building measuring approximately, with Wales was seen on Google Earth.
Not far from the Canary Islands, about 997 kilometers from north-west coast of Africa were found rather strange formation of intersecting lines. Coordinates finds – 15’15 .53 N, 24 15’30 .53 W longitude. Formation was observed aviation engineer, who said that it resembled “air card” of the city.
Recently, it was suggested that the unusual segment of the seabed may conceal the location of the legendary Atlantis, described the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. According to his testimony, the island sank after its residents tried to conquer Athens about 9000 BC.
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In Africa, the emerging new ocean

oceanCurrently, residents of the planet are witnessing a unique natural phenomenon – the birth of a new ocean. According to scientists, it is already in the near future will be mapped in the vicinity of one of the arid deserts of Ethiopia.

According to experts, a new ocean is formed on the spot rift fault, which stretches for 56 kilometers. It was discovered back in 2005, and currently places has reached the width of six meters. However, despite its rapid development, experts until now could not decide that in future awaits this formation.
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