Cemetery vampires

This informal name got among archaeologists strange burial, referring to the end of X – the beginning of XI century. It was discovered in 1994 near the Czech town Chelyabinsk. In the eleven holes lie the remains of 13 people associated with leather straps and with an aspen stake, stuck in the heart. Some of… Read more Cemetery vampires


According to legend, it was Lilith. For it to Eve was Lilith, – reads Hebrew text. The legend of it inspired the English poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) on the poem Eden Bower. Lilith was the snake, it was the first wife of Adam and gave him glittering sons and radiant daughters( shining sons and… Read more Lilith-vampire

Vampires or Lamia

Ancient lamia – are the substance – or rather, the dead people who can go from the grave, is a living and participate in life. In most cases, interference is malicious and brings bad luck. “Not dead, vampires, – a kind limy. They also arise from the coffins and south living. The word “vampire” comes… Read more Vampires or Lamia