Burial vampire

Some funeral rituals extant may have arisen as a search for ways to keep the dead man in the grave. In the coffin the flowers put, hoping that they will be able to keep the spirit of the deceased and would not allow him to escape to the surface to haunt the living. As magic is often used against vampire’s wild rose (mistletoe).

In the old graves have a very deep, so that blocks of land pressure in the coffin and the dead man was not allowed to get out of it. Above the graves and monuments placed gravestones. As Graves was forbidden to go, because it could turn late in the vampire.
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The origin of vampires

The words “vampire” comes from the Hungarian language, and most of legends about them were born in Eastern Europe. Irishman Bram Stoker, who wrote the famous “Dracula”, it borrows the plot of the legends of IV (its generic title and the name – Count Dracula) – Transylvanian nobleman, who lived in the XV century, and fought against the Turkish yoke. Val was also known for his sadistic tendencies – he enjoyed the abuse of prisoners, prisoners. Legend has it that the Count liked to arrange revelry among huge number of sharpened wooden pegging, which were body of Turks, captured in battle, so he went down in history under the nickname Tapes ( “stake”).
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Cemetery vampires

This informal name got among archaeologists strange burial, referring to the end of X – the beginning of XI century. It was discovered in 1994 near the Czech town Chelyabinsk. In the eleven holes lie the remains of 13 people associated with leather straps and with an aspen stake, stuck in the heart. Some of the dead were the same hands and head.

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So he returned to the world of mortals

Initially there was only Cain. Cain, who in wrath slew Abel. Cain, kotrory was ousted. Cain, which is forever cursed to be immortal. Cain, cursed to eternal thirst for blood. We are all descended from Cain. From the master of our masters. He is doomed to eternal loneliness until skonchaniya centuries. In solitude and sorrow, for ages he lived alone. But memories of hikes and sorrow umenshaetsya.

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Do You Know Vampires?

You never came to mind that you live next to the vampire? Look around carefully. In fact, the vampire may be just. Play, affable guy from the flat opposite. You’re winsome Head with pathetic eyes. Let him a lot, but why he looks so young? Co-workers, always tighten with a perfect figure, why is diligently covering the face with thick layer of protective cream, leaving your office.

Your love, which is constantly sunglasses, and stubbornly refused to go with you on the beach sunbathing … Yes, as practice shows, and studies, all of these people might be vampires, the heir to the famous Dracula.
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Vampires or Lamia

Ancient lamia – are the substance – or rather, the dead people who can go from the grave, is a living and participate in life. In most cases, interference is malicious and brings bad luck. “Not dead, vampires, – a kind limy. They also arise from the coffins and south living. The word “vampire” comes from the Hungarian language, the Slavs were called vampires vampire (“leech”). Most have become vampires, according to legends, because of communication with regime vampires. It’s like a disease, transmitted by the bite. gain eternal life, but doomed to thirst for blood. Different countries have different versions of vampires.
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Protection from vampires

While the horror in front of vampires, people tried to find some ways to protect against them. In the old days, sold the various charms and preserving for the ghost repellent, but the most effective means considered a wild rose, garlic, light and various crosses. While in some cases with the monster could have been committed by no less important was considered to be the protection of their dead in graves so that they do not become vampires. The sting of vampire turned his victim after the death of more and more vampires. They hypnotize people when they drank their blood, so the victim does not remember the attack, which vampire could return to his victim several times without fear of being recognized.
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How to recognize the Vampire?

VampireThe belief that between this world and the other, there is no clear border, there is probably always the case. Even in the most ancient times, almost all the people arose a belief that the deceased can sometimes return to the living world, or at all, settled near her relatives and to periodically visit them, kaki rule, causing a in the national consciousness to merge with those of lower mythology as water mermaids, lassie, northern trolls. Moreover, according to some legends, all evil force – is (former) people who never got into another world. However they did not: yeasty water and drowned during the night – this is not quite the same.
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The vampire of Cumberland

vampireRod Fisher has very ancient roots and is now almost six years speaks for Cumberland apart from confusing the name of “Karolin Grange.” An interesting feature of the old buildings was that the entire history of it does not exceed a height of one floor. However, it stretched porch with amazing view into the distance and the high land, reached the church in the valley.Over the years, Fischer is a family grown and increased their wealth so that Karolin Grange “has become for them is small and modest. Overbuild stories they have not, to save the ancient architecture, but simply moved to Thrombi, and in his family mansion allowed tenants.From the former owners of the users are very lucky: they were honest and pious, two brothers and sister who have become favorites throughout the region. Residents were also enthusiastic, and from his home, and neighbors.Coming winter, the new tenants had a maximum pleasure, inviting residents of the District of Trinity nice to all parties.Come summer. Continue reading “The vampire of Cumberland”

Vampires – Legend and cases

Vampires in science, generally referred to as a special kind of bats of the family Water only in the tropics, in South America. In the night darkness and gently vampire sleep up to a human or animal, hangs over him, surges warm air wings. Directly on the fly, sharp as razor teeth he cut layer of the skin and gently, gently, completely painless lick off the blood, which does not think there is phased out in saliva anticoagulants.

Only a morning of bloody on horses or on their own limbs hapless travelers find the presence of vampires.
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