Characteristics vampires

incredible archaeologicalMany people in many different countries – and in Hungary and China – are confident in the reality of the existence of vampires. However, the characteristics of these at different locations are different.

It is generally accepted that many vampires can fly, or change the shape of his body. Most vampires are usually blamed for that, they attack animals and people and eagerly drink their blood. In some countries believe that the vampire – that ethereal ghost. In the other – that is corpse sinful soul who had to return to his body, unable to find peace after death.
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Vampirism with mythological occult and medical points of view

VampirismThe first mention of vampires met in early Greek mythology, where the creepy creatures, sucking the blood of the people, enjoyed the patronage of the goddess Hecate. Favor to evil night handed her the ancient gods of the underworld – habitats most mysterious forces of nature and the human imagination. In the beliefs of the peoples of southern Europe, vampires became unrepentant sinners, suicides, as well as those who died before he could take repentance. A person bitten by a vampire, after a while was a grim community unclean. Having lost control of himself, he wandered the roads at night and drank the blood of bystanders. Continue reading “Vampirism with mythological occult and medical points of view”

Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy

Negative energyScience has not yet proved the presence of vampires, sucking the energy, as well as the presence of damage and the evil eye. But even the most modern people, cynically minded, can not be denied that one person can bring about positive emotions, and next to the other person can feel like sucked the life force and energy.

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Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires

British scientist made a statement, according to which the UK operates an underground network of vampires, numbering 15,000 members and called bloodsuckers emerge from the darkness.

Dr Emyr Williams ( from the University of Glyndwr University immersed himself in the study of vampires, said recently that in Britain there is an underground network of 15,000 bloodsuckers tabloid reports Mirror. Continue reading “Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires”

Discovered a vampire burial in the south of Poland

Archaeologists have exposed in the south of the country an ancient tomb. According to them, found the skeleton belonged to a real vampire. Excavations were approved out in the city of Gliwice. The skeleton was beheaded and his skull was placed between the legs. According to ancient tradition, it is one of the most common methods of disposal of vampires. In ancient times believed that the way a vampire would not be able to find your head and come back to life.

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The Return of the Vampire

VampireStrange cases of vampire have been reported in almost all the countries of South America. Farmers suddenly began to find their animals – goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese, dogs and cats – lifeless and bloodless. On the neck of each animal round gaping stab wound through which blood had been drained to the last drop. Some corpses were no heart or liver, extracted through a narrow opening in the batters chest.

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How to recognize the energy vampire?

vampireEnergy vampires, it turns out, are not only in the plots of fairy tales. They exist in the real world. How to recognize a vampire and saved from its negative effects?

Energy vampires among us quite a lot, so to meet the man, energize others, can be done anywhere. After talking with him, we feel malaise, fatigue, and even impotence. It is simple vampire breaches in the energy field.

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Cemeteries vampires

VampireIt has long been portrayed in stories of the dead, at night, rising from their graves and sucking the blood of the living. Usually they are called vampires, ghouls or vampires. Different people have their own traditional methods of protection against blood-sucking undead. The most common of them – to drive the vampire in the heart of a stake: that it kills the “astral” nature of the vampire.
In 1994, the Czech Republic, near the town Chelyakovitsy, found a strange burial, divided by archaeologists at the end of X century. This place is called the “graveyard of the Vampire.” In 11 tombs were 13 skeletons associated with leather belts. Continue reading “Cemeteries vampires”

Real vampire caught in Trukey

vampireTurkey caught the vampire who attacked passersby, biting and scratching them. Doctors said 23-year old boy committed these acts to quench his thirst.

The 23-year boy a Turk who lived through tragic events in a short period of time, they developed mental disorders: a man began to suffer from bipolar disorder and has an affinity for human blood.
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Where there are energy vampires?

vampiresVampire has become a social scourge in public places. We sit down with him on a bus, tram or subway car. Vampire seriously, he needs to reset this pressing energy, and it comes to you on foot, on your toes. Vampire does it necessarily hurt, deliberately to cause your indignation and anger.

This bustling and it provokes us to stimulation, and we include. Your heart starts to beat faster in response to this blatant rudeness. You shake and pounding, your joy is gone, but the vampire still stirs irritation insults. And then your energy is completely transferred to him.
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