Developing the engine space deformation

space deformationA NASA team led by Harold White started to develop the engine space deformation that can move objects faster than the speed of light. With it, scientists are going to overcome the 4.3 light years that separate us from Alpha Centauri, for two weeks. The project was named Speed.

A few months ago the physicist Harold White stunned the world cosmonauts, announcing that he and his team at NASA began work on the development of the engine space deformation that can move objects faster than the speed of light, tells His proposed concept was ingenious reinterpretation Lavaliere drive, and can eventually lead to the development of the engine, which will transport the spacecraft to the nearest star within a few weeks – without violating the laws of physics. Continue reading “Developing the engine space deformation”

Technologies UFO save earthlings from the end of the world

the end of the worldPeople can be saved, only to move to another planet. He believes that the UFO-like devices are the perfect salvation for mankind. Is necessary for the salvation of mankind colonizing planets located outside our solar system? Because humanity as a civilization can survive only if people will live in two or more planets.

However to date such flights are not possible, since the modern rocket space technology, there are certain limits. For this ideal UFO-like devices. Continue reading “Technologies UFO save earthlings from the end of the world”

Who is killing UFO?

UFOThose interested in the subject of UFO and the fate of the famous UFO may have noticed that these scientists difficult and often tragic fate: many researchers of the UFO problem, work on it in the second half of the twentieth century., Died under mysterious circumstances, perhaps, were killed. Such a conclusion was a pretty bold amateur astronomer, a former US government consultant Timothy Good. He stated this at an international conference in Amsterdam dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Actually, it’s not just about the UFO hunters, but also for researchers, was fond of searching for extraterrestrial life, scientists involved in space research. Continue reading “Who is killing UFO?”

On the ridge Medveditskaya found stone UFO

UFO stoneIn summer, a popular place for all seekers of the unknown – on the ridge Medveditsa come dozens of researchers, but not every year manage to find traces of a UFO or witness anomalies. However, the latest find raises involuntary ufologists question aliens are trying to get in touch with people? Organization Kosmopoisk studying the traces of UFOs, has held the 52nd expedition to Mecca unknown Volgograd region.

We found a significant size stone disc, located on the ridge of the plummet in Medveditskaya says hometown Vadim Chernobrov, head of the organization for the study of anomalous phenomena and UFOs. – It corresponds to the external features of the other disks that are in for decades around the world, for example. China, Romania, on the Taimyr Peninsula. However, these objects have properties disappear … So to reach very few people. In January, we were lucky. During the next expedition this disc was found in the Kemerovo region. Continue reading “On the ridge Medveditskaya found stone UFO”

UFO in the Baltic Sea

shipsStrange circular objects found at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea in June 2011. The diameter of the findings was 18 meters. According to professional diver Stephen Hogeborna that the team visited the Ocean X area detection unidentified submerged object, it has an inexplicable effect on all equipment.

When we were right on the object, then the ship stopped working chamber and even satellite phones – said diver. – As soon as we sail towards the 200 meters, and equipment began to work, and when we got to the point on the object, all felled again.

Continue reading “UFO in the Baltic Sea”

Mysterious submarine

UFOs SubmarineIn Sweden – in the area of Stockholm archipelago, located in the Baltic Sea that day looking for some unknown submarine. The search process is accompanied by a very strange information. As if the submarine will seem – what are hundreds of witnesses, it will disappear, it will disappear.

According to recent reports, the Swedish ships have located not one, but two suspicious objects. Although there may be more. How to write the local newspaper, the military made contact with several underwater objects detected to the east of the fjord Ingaro. Continue reading “Mysterious submarine”

NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?

Discovered NibiruNASA researcher and the orbital telescope Spitzer discovered most of the known low-temperature brown dwarfs – dim star-like object, which surprisingly looks as frosty as the North Pole on Earth. By images from space telescopes can be quite accurately determine the distance from the Earth to the subject – 7.2 light years away, so he became the fourth nearest star system to our sun.

System is the nearest star, Alpha Centauri trio, to defend the Earth from about 4 light-years. Continue reading “NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?”

The annular solar eclipse will be held April 29

 solar eclipseApril 29, during a solar eclipse in some remote parts of the world the sun will look like a ring of fire. Lunar eclipses occur only during a full moon and the sun, only during a new moon. Usually lunar eclipse means that just before or just after the new moon it will be a solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse, which is expected on Tuesday, will be circular, because on Tuesday the Moon is almost at the great distance from the Earth will be too small to completely cover the Sun. Continue reading “The annular solar eclipse will be held April 29”

Triangular UFO pictures

UFOsThe official website of NASA researchers found two old pictures that are dated January 12, 1986. In the photo is clearly visible black triangle correct form, located on the Earth’s orbit.

In no event shall any speck of dust as the majority suggested, as in the second picture it is present as well, but a little distant and changing positions relative to the planet. Continue reading “Triangular UFO pictures”

Aliens the real masters of the Solar System

AliensThe presence of UFOs in our skies, in orbit in space and near the Sun, can be considered a fait accompli, but if by popular level, this topic is being discussed quite actively, the state structures are in no hurry to share aggregated information about aliens from other worlds. Nezavisimaya Gazeta tried to analyze this aspect and present their version of events.

Throughout January the domestic media in all keys quoted an interview with former Canadian defense minister Paul Helier. In fact, stories about UFOs and aliens Helier tells much since 2005. Then it became really sensational revelations. Continue reading “Aliens the real masters of the Solar System”