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SEO Goals for 2019

This is a new year, bringing new goals and a lot of thought. Starting in 2019, it’s time to consider your goals in the field of SEO goals for 2019, whether for you personally, for example, an SEO professional or goals that you set for projects. We can learn a lot from each other by learning about our collective goals as an SEO community.

So, not only will you see some of my SEO goals for 2019 included in this article, but you will also see a collection of SEO specialists from around the world.

SEO strategic and tactical goals for 2019

  1. Chase the long tail

Keep finding this sweet spot in a long line. It’s amazing when you can share your story, find it and get results. Go to the appropriate mass, but not where everyone will be rewarded, said Christophe Trappe, director of the company’s commitment Stamatas Communications. Read the rest of this entry »

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Microsoft infinite USB flash drive

Microsoft infinite USBStorage new type will be based on long oligonucleotide 10 million DNA molecules. As a material provider was the company Twist Bio science.

According to representatives of the Microsoft, only 20 grams of molecules, you can record on a flash card all digital data generated to date. Thus they can be read even after several thousand years. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Chinese built himself a submarine

Chinese submarineNormal farmer from the Chinese province of Anhui named Zhang Sheng childhood dream to surf the seas and oceans, and literally devoured books about the adventures of Captain Nemo, but life turned out differently.

 However, this did not stop the visionary spirit of the Chinese and he built the submarine with their hands. To build a working version of the submersible Zhang took only 2 months of hard work. The results have pleased not only the inventor, but also representatives of the Chinese authorities, who learned about the extraordinary invention of the publication in the media. Read the rest of this entry »

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The world is a cruel illusion

cruel illusionAccording to Donald Hoffman, a scientist from California USA, what people see and evaluate, as a reality, it is not. Due to the significant limitations in the perception of the color spectrum, and the ether vibrations, human eyes see the illusion, instead of the real world. Around each person present complex matrix coated with the usual order of a representative of humanity.

Donald Hoffman, actively exploring the theme of perception of reality through the eyes, is a kind of instruments surrounding reality fixation, it says that the whole world, at least that which is perceived by the human eye from near Earth space and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, consists of a complex matter, which is composed of the matrices. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bionic lens will give for life

lensAn Ophthalmologist from British Columbia Doctor is currently engaged in the development of bionic lens that after implantation can give anyone 3x 20/20 vision, regardless of age. Bionic lenses, called Bion lenses could put an end to the need to use glasses, contact lenses, glasses for drivers, or progressive lenses due to the optimization of view, regardless of age or health.

Lens to improve vision and said that all those over 25, are candidates for the procedure, since the lenses allow the eye to develop fully. It provides a vision improvement, which the world had never seen before.  If you can usually see the time on the clock from a distance of 3 meters, then Bion lenses it can be done from 10 meters. Read the rest of this entry »

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The airship of the future for the oligarchs

Future AirshipThe oligarchs, who are tired of their super expensive yachts, could spend their holidays in the future on the aircraft Halo, area is equal to four football fields. Its cost is $ 330 million.

The idea and the project belongs to the London-based Andrew Winch Designs, which has long established itself as a first-class manufacturer of the world’s largest super-expensive yachts, private jets and luxury homes. The prototype aircraft, the length of which was 811 m, appeared in the sky in 2013 and received a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration. Read the rest of this entry »

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America is preparing for a catastrophic solar flare

solar flareThe White House is preparing for a catastrophic solar flare capable of only a few months to destroy the power in the world and put an end to modern civilization in the form in which it exists at the moment. A powerful electromagnetic pulse caused by solar flares, could spell the end of civilization in its present form.

Extraordinary events of cosmic proportions could in a few months to destroy the energy and make useless mobile phones and the Internet. If the United States will conduct research alone, it would cost them more than 2.6 trillion. Dollars Read the rest of this entry »

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Yamal has found another potential super funnel

FunnelScientists and geologists of leading research institutes in Russia during the last expedition to the Yamal found on the surface of the hill, similar to the one that preceded the emergence of the giant craters. In the case of the explosion crater at this site will exceed those tht already exist on the peninsula, told reporters one of the participants of the expedition senior scientist geo-electrics Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geo-physic.

As part of our employees returned from the expedition, from a helicopter to inspect the area, and close to this crater was discovered another mound swelling: abnormal size, abnormal shape. The coordinates of the object we are kept secret in order to prevent the pilgrimage of scientists and pseudo, because at any moment it could explode, – he said.For changes that occur with the hill scientists will monitor using images from space and overflight by helicopter. At the same time until the explosion could be years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Windows 10 officially released

Windows10 Beta testing Windows 10 came to an end, and now the new Microsoft operating system is available for installation release version for those who did not participate in the test program. Free upgrade to Windows 10 operating from licensed versions of Windows 7 and 8. You can request an upgrade by clicking on the Windows logo in the right side panel.

Microsoft’s strategy in relation to Windows 10 – to translate it the most people for the shortest possible time, all using a single system for all devices Microsoft. For users of Xbox One, one of the most significant features of Windows 10 is the ability to stream console games on PC and tablet with Windows 10. At the same time, Microsoft is thinking, and the opposite – streaming PC-games on the console. Read the rest of this entry »

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New computer memory simulates the brain

computer memoryNormally, all electronic devices transmit and store any information in binary form. The combinations of ones and zeros, or, with respect to computer chips, the presence and the absence of current, long become a simple and reliable basis for all computing processes.

But in the human brain, all the processes are much more complicated, and multiple streams of information are processed simultaneously. At that moment, when you read this, your brain in a split second recognizes letters and symbols, determines their relative positions and many communication channels reads the inherent meaning. Read the rest of this entry »

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