Old tomb(3300 year) of the pyramid at the entrance found in Egypt

old tombArchaeologists have unearthed in the ancient cemetery at Abydos tomb. Its age is approximately 3300 years old, and over the entrance to her once supposedly towered seven-meter pyramid.

In one of the vaulted burial chambers team of researchers has discovered the sarcophagus of sandstone, painted red. It was created for a scribe named Horemheb. On the sarcophagus preserved images of several Egyptian gods and hieroglyphic inscriptions with spells from the Book of the Dead, helping to move the deceased in the afterlife. Continue reading “Old tomb(3300 year) of the pyramid at the entrance found in Egypt”

The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved

pyramidsSince that time, as the Egyptian pyramids were built by people asking questions: what purpose and by whom they were erected?

Is to create tombs for pharaohs for millennia and perpetuate their names? But, according to Egyptologists, in the biggest pyramids that are located on a plateau near Cairo Giza found only empty sarcophagi and mummies of pharaohs were not found. In recent years, there were various hypotheses on the appointment of the pyramids: Continue reading “The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved”

The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien

mummy alienIn the backroom of the pyramid of Pharaoh mummy found alien. There is conjecture that she is not alone. The small body of an alien with big eyes was found in a secret room near the room where the body was placed Egyptian pharaoh pyramid tomb!

Perfectly potted by careful mummification foreign body was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the vicinity of the tomb of Senusret II. Information about finding a mummy appeared in public a few days ago, and there is subjective evidence that we have found and other bodies. Continue reading “The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien”

Unsolved Egypt’s fantastic and weird history

pyramids and tombsStrange and weird facts about Egypt’s mummies, pyramids and tombs. Stories of tutankhamun’s death, Pharaohs and many more mysteries that surrounded Egypt’s great history.

Pyramids and Tombs

Pyramids were a big signal to tell grave robbers where the pharaoh’s treasure was hidden. That’s why, by Tutankhamun’s time, pharaohs were buried underground.

Napoleon’s engineers said the stones of the Great Pyramid would build a wall around France. Some people believe the young Tutankhamun was murdered by his uncle, Ay, who went on to take the throne. But in 2005 the mummy was given an X-ray, and they found he had a broken leg, which probably led to his death. Continue reading “Unsolved Egypt’s fantastic and weird history”

Pyramid of the XXI century

Pyramid houseMexican designer Juan Carlos Ramos created the design of the house as a pyramid. The reason – to show how simple arithmetical shapes can be used in the design of housing buildings. The idea of the project is inspired by the landscapes and lakes Sirauen Los Asufres in my native Mexico.

It is very humid, rainy and wooded area. My first consideration was to create a project of the cottage, but then I found out that in the history of architecture, there is a kind of crack that the pyramids were built only for ceremonies, but not for life. Continue reading “Pyramid of the XXI century”

Maritimes pyramid

pyramidTourists and the residents of the Maritime Territory involved not only by historical buildings, unique animals, but also the ancient reefs, namely mountain brothers and sisters. They look like two pyramids that stand apart from the other mountains. They are similar to the gates, that’s why they are called sacral Golden Gate East.

Residents of the seaside town of Nakhodka consider these natural reefs insignia. Sister Mountain is a favorite destination residents. They note that the Sisters from the top with amazing views of the Sea of Japan and the river valley Guerrilla, which inhabitants of the area known as the pearl of Primorye. Continue reading “Maritimes pyramid”

Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

discovered pyramidIn Germany enthusiast are digging a stepped pyramid at Mount Halternecks. A group led by Walter Haug for several years has been excavated stepped pyramid at Mount Sternness.

Excavation continues at the present time. According to Walter Haug, on the site where there are stones of varying quality and processing technologies from the primitive to the sawing and grinding. Found walls, stairs, arches, altar and paintings on stone. Continue reading “Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid”

Person in Canada

Ancient CanadaPossibility of satellite and aerial research has open many doors for archaeologists – so they find new Egyptian pyramids and map ancient settlement. In 2006, the year it has also led to a astonishing discovery made by Australian grandmother. Unlikely she was an expert in history, but the discovery of attractive happened.

So what is found is this woman? She studied the mountains in Alberta, Canada, with the help of Google Maps and suddenly saw eerie image on a rock, reminiscent of an Indian in traditional headdress … Continue reading “Person in Canada”

Bosnian pyramids the constructed nature

 Pyramids bosniaThe amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagik said about the incredible discovery – he found five huge pyramids in Bosnia. They resembled the famous Egyptian pyramids, but were much more. Prior to this it was thought that no pyramids in Europe, but the Bosnian pyramid were the biggest and oldest building of its kind in the world.

As such huge ancient monuments can remain hidden until XXI-st century? The fact that they were so old, that were covered with a thick layer of soil and vegetation that looked like ordinary mountains. Obviously, humanity has found the Ancient Temples … or just mountains. Continue reading “Bosnian pyramids the constructed nature”

Mystery Chinese pyramids

Chinese pyramidsWhite pyramid peaked and flat, were built in China, the Middle Empire, long before the Egyptian pyramids-tombs. Studied only a small part of the Chinese pyramids. Many were discovered only in the XX century. Walked in 1945 The end of the Second World War and in faraway Asia. Spy plane U.S. Air Force inspected area Qinling mountain range to the south-west of the city of Xi’an. Continue reading “Mystery Chinese pyramids”