Space Monsters

American astronomers have discovered a whole class of space objects about which scientists previously had no idea. We are talking about dwarf black holes, which occupy an intermediate position between the most massive neutron stars and black holes of small mass, whose existence was not in doubt.

However, in recent years, more and more reports have appeared about unusual cosmic phenomena that can be caused by completely exotic objects. talks about hypothetical stars whose existence may never be proved. Continue reading “Space Monsters”

In A Quantum Universe, Even Mass Is Uncertain

Quantum UniverseIn the microscopic world of the quantum particle, there are certain rules that are wholly weird to us on the subject of the order of a macroscopic scale. If you take steps a particle’s slant and ask “where are you,” the more adroitly you learn the inflexible, you’ll fundamentally know its goings-on, or its innovation, less competently. Other properties, however, in imitation of electric engagement, remain perfectly adeptly-known at all time, regardless of what else you put-on. For purely stable particles, whether elementary or composite (including electrons and protons), accretion is one of those perfectly-known properties.

If you know the adding of one electron under one set of conditions, you know it for all electrons everywhere in the Universe. But this isn’t the stroke for all the particles we know of. The shorter-lived an unstable particle is, the more uncertain its growth is. This isn’t just a hypothesized effect, but rather one that’s been experimentally observed and verified for decades. Continue reading “In A Quantum Universe, Even Mass Is Uncertain”

NASA scientists announced that the asteroid threat to Earth

NASA scientists NASA scientists have issued a statement in which earthlings have warned that at any time may be subject to Earth asteroid bombardment, and we learn about it only when an asteroid crashing the planet’s surface. Scientists say that currently there is no effective system of finding celestial bodies approaching the Earth.

 We must be prepared for the fact that the asteroids attack our planet at any time and completely unexpectedly – without warning. Continue reading “NASA scientists announced that the asteroid threat to Earth”

Planet X will destroy the solar system

Planet XPlanet X, this big, dark and cold pilgrim, according to astronomers, is now beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, but when it is close, it will throw an attraction Uranus and Neptune beyond the solar system.

Since the first official reports about the existence of Planet X (scientists call it the ninth planet, astrophysicists reveal new details about what this means for the planet of the solar system itself. Continue reading “Planet X will destroy the solar system”

Anomalies in the expansion of the universe

the universeAn international team of researchers working in astronomy service The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, found the paradox, which can serve as evidence of the anomalous properties of dark energy. This is indicated by a discrepancy in terms of rate of expansion of the universe, obtained by different methods.

According to information received, the universe is expanding at a rate of 67 kilometers per second per Mpc, with an error of 1.5 percent. These results are consistent with estimates Planck mission, in which the cosmic microwave background radiation, has been studied ancient light that came after 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Continue reading “Anomalies in the expansion of the universe”

Who guards the space?

guards of spaceFighting for space about aliens controlling. The sun and shoot down from orbit the moon to destroy humanity, neutron generators, which Russian and American scientists have brought to Mars, to work there for Martians neutron weapons.

How Stalin and Truman at Potsdam shared Moon between the USSR and the USA. It should be noted that this transmission channel OTP, has caused an angry reaction on the part of the Academy of Sciences. Continue reading “Who guards the space?”

Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid

 giant asteroidAustralian scientists have found traces of a giant asteroid that fell to Earth in the earliest period of its history. According to the destructiveness of his fall is one of the first places. On the discovery is reported in the journal Precambrian Research.

In the north-west of Geophysics Australia found small bells formed when an asteroid hitting the ground. The same spheres found in the sediments of the age of 3.46 billion years. Continue reading “Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid”

Planet X will destroy the solar system

X planetAstronomers from Spain and the UK accused the destruction of Planet X in the solar system. This means that some large celestial bodies as a result of its gravitational influence will leave the planetary system.

Scientists, using the known constraints on the Planet X, conducted computer simulations within the N-body problem. Continue reading “Planet X will destroy the solar system”

Giant sunspot emits powerful bursts

sunspotQuiet sunspot AR2529 was not so quiet. The active region in the form of heart erupted April 18 (00:39 UT), producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare.
The pulse of UV radiation from the flash is ionized in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. These, in turn, violate shortwave radio. The sailors, airmen and amateurs around the Pacific Ocean might have noticed the interruption of signals at frequencies below about 15 MHz. Continue reading “Giant sunspot emits powerful bursts”

Giant sunspot attack ground

sunspot Great spot on the Sun to the Earth rotates. Giant freckle on the solar disk, called AR2529 appeared in sight on 7 April. Spots on the Sun, in essence, are the islands of magnetism, floating in a sea of ​​solar plasma. AR2529 Island as wide as Earth itself.

The dark core of education is more than 20 thousand Km in diameter. Such spot size makes it an easy target for observation, even with home solar telescopes. Continue reading “Giant sunspot attack ground”