Oceans threatens the oxidation

OceanThe Marine Laboratory of the British city of Plymouth said that development is difficult to predict, but expresses concern for the fate of many species.

Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities lead to the oxidation of the oceans and threaten massive destruction of marine flora and fauna.
According to researchers, since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have led to a 30% increase the acidity of ocean water. Such acidity in the ocean was at least 500 thousand years.
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By 2100, the level of the world’s oceans will rise by 1.5 meters

world ,oceanAccording to recent studies, global warming will increase the level of the world’s oceans and seas as much as 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) by the end of the century. These studies were presented at the European Conference of Geophysical Research, and show that rising sea levels three times higher than the figure predicted by the Panel on Climate Change last year.

As the scientist of the Oceanographic Laboratory of Great Britain, their assessment was based on the latest model, which allows an accurate reconstruction of sea levels over the past 2 000 years.
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Fighting warming: injection of carbon dioxide in the ocean

Fighting ,warmingUntil we know enough to say that dumping CO2 in the water – sound method, but there will not be carried out small-scale experiments, we do not understand how this will affect marine creatures. I think that there should be a series of experiments using one ton CO2 “, – said Wallace Broker of the University of Columbia (USA).

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In Africa, the emerging new ocean

oceanCurrently, residents of the planet are witnessing a unique natural phenomenon – the birth of a new ocean. According to scientists, it is already in the near future will be mapped in the vicinity of one of the arid deserts of Ethiopia.

According to experts, a new ocean is formed on the spot rift fault, which stretches for 56 kilometers. It was discovered back in 2005, and currently places has reached the width of six meters. However, despite its rapid development, experts until now could not decide that in future awaits this formation.
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