The oceans of Earth’s history

Global warmingScientists are concerned about the new discovery. It turns out that about five million years ago, a huge East Antarctic ice sheet melted, raising the sea level by 20 meters. What will happen if the current increase in global temperature will lead to the same consequences?

About five million years ago, sheets of ice at the South Pole began to melt because of ancient global warming. This has caused a rise in sea level by 20 meters. Scientists came to the conclusion that most of this increase was caused by the melting of a large ice sheet in East Antarctica.

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The Martian surface Ocean

The researchers found more evidence to support the theory that several billion years ago, most of the Martian surface was covered by a vast ocean.

New data showed on pictures that made Mars reconnaissance satellite NASA launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral August 12, 2005. In the photos, apparently, you can see the ancient delta of the river, a tributary of the vast ocean that covered a third of the surface of the Red Planet. According to a study co-author Mike Lamb, Assistant Professor of Geology at Caltech in Pasadena, the assumption is that in the northern lowlands of Mars are dried-up ocean bottom, put forward long ago, but still have not found any real evidence. Continue reading “The Martian surface Ocean”

Legends of the inhabitants of the sea

Under waterA  multi-colored creature: the head, hands and feet – purple and the skin, Draped like a cloak – gray and phosphorescent – described the underwater inhabitant in a science fiction story, “In the depths” noted Wells. If the writer in this small work just gave free rein to his imagination, the Japanese fishermen are quite sure that in the coastal waters of Japan live humanoid amphibians. Call them kappa, and on the back of their shell, like a turtle.

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Bottom of the Earth-Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench Mariana Trench” the deepest place on the planet. I think almost everyone has heard about it or have studied in school, but I myself, for example, has long been forgotten, and its depth, and the facts of how she was soundings and investigated. So he decided to “refresh” his and your memory.

Its name, this absolute depth obtained from the near by Marianas Islands  The whole valley stretches along the islands and a half thousand kilometers and has a characteristic V-shaped profile. In fact this is the usual fault lines, the place where the Pacific plate goes under the Philippine simply Mariana Trench – the deepest part of it for that matter) its steep slopes, an average of about 7-9 °, and the bottom – flat, width from 1 to 5 kilometers , and divided into several thresholds of closed areas. Continue reading “Bottom of the Earth-Mariana Trench”

Antarctic sea ices increased by melt water starting the glaciers

Antarctic ices The area of sea ice around Antarctica increased by the freezing of a large amount of melt water that accumulated after the summer melting of continental glaciers. Researchers found that Antarctica for the period from 1985 to the present time – the only place on the planet where the sea ice is increasing, despite the the process of global warming. Continue reading “Antarctic sea ices increased by melt water starting the glaciers”

Arctic Ocean ice -climate catastrophe

 Ocean iceNational Academy of Sciences Plus available which deals with consequences that will lead the global warming and climate change. In particular, the melting ice in the Arctic in 2050 to change the shipping routes and waterway honey countries in Asia, Europe and USA. By this time the ice becomes so thin that the ordinary court can move through the waters of the Arctic Ocean without the help of icebreakers.

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The ice of Antarctica discovered lives

discovered livesScientists think that they succeeded for the first time! – Obtain samples of living organisms of the sub glacial Lake in Antarctica. The findings probably will help justify the possibility of life on Jupiter and Saturn.

In late January, the American broke to Lake Alonso through the 800 m of ice. Researchers have had only two days filled with sunshine, to take samples of the water until the well will not be closed. Then another day was spent on the expansion of the hole, and then the scientists within two days took the samples. Continue reading “The ice of Antarctica discovered lives”

Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific OceanHistorical say that the participants in the royally palace rather laughed at this extraordinary story.

They laughed and clapped their hands, saying to each other, they had never heard of a better history. Western scholars have seen in a long time; confirm that fact, progressive world view of the Chinese in ancient times, their ability to distinguish truth from fiction. Continue reading “Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?”

Strong earthquake hits Japan near Fukushima disaster zone

 earthquakeTokyo, Japan– A strong earthquake centered off the coast of northeastern Japan shook buildings as far away as Tokyo on Friday and triggered a one-meter tsunami in an area devastated by last year’s Fukushima disaster.
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Aliens do not sleep at night

AliensThe latest research in this area was discussed at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), held in Denver, Colorado. “These data underscore the strength of emotional belief, – said in an interview with BBC, BBC Harvard professor Richard McNally. – If you truly believe in what were injured, sincerely remember this, you are experiencing the same psycho-emotional psychological reactions that those who have been injured in fact.

A whole group of “stolen” to share their experiences with a reporter Bi-bi-si. Several times I was on the alien ship, and from my body seized graft aliens – said one of them.
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