Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Natural warmingFor several centuries, many powers have tried to find the Northwest Passage – a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Many sailors paid with their lives for this search.

The passage in the end found, however due to the Arctic ice was little suited to navigation. But the situation has changed in recent decades. The area of the Arctic ice cover is shrinking so rapidly that the Northwest Passage is close to becoming fully navigable. Continue reading “Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean”

Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis

TreasuresBritish archaeologists have presented the first results of underwater excavations in the Hellenistic cities of Canopus and Tunis, Heraklion, lowered into the water in the dark ages until the Middle Ages by unknown reasons.
In the Nile Delta around the 5th century BC, there were two major port cities Canopus and Tunis Heraklion-based Greek and Macedonian colonists during the reign of the26th dynasty. These cities have successfully gone through the occupation of Egypt by the Persians, its conquest by Alexander the Great and the transition under the dominion of Rome during the reign of Cleopatra.
About something strange happened in 750-800 years BC – both cities have mysteriously disappeared, lost in the literal sense of the water, and their inhabitants left the two thousand-year policy. The place where the city was built, remained a mystery until the beginning of the millennium, when the British and French archaeologists from the Institute of Underwater Archaeology in Paris started a large-scale excavation in the Nile Delta, in a place called the harbor of Abu Kir. Continue reading “Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis”

Three hurricanes in the Pacific

hurricanes In the central and eastern Pacific are three tropical hurricanes. Satellite Terra on the same day, August 5, in one pass made photos of each of them, which were then assembled into a panorama. 

Hurricane Genevieve that day was still in the Western Hemisphere at coordinates 12.6 north latitude and 176.8 east longitude, and shifted to the north-west at a speed of 28 km / h. However, on the last day he crossed the line and became a dateline typhoon Genevieve. Maximum wind speed shall be equal to 50 m / s. Of Super is far from the inhabited islands.  Continue reading “Three hurricanes in the Pacific”

Underwater city in Japan

Hiden CityIn 1987, divers found off the coast of Japan, a huge underwater city called Yonaguni. The city is a chaotic mix of pyramidal structure, stairs, walls, columns and even an audience at a depth of 25 meters under water.

Experts found that the age of the city – about 12 thousand years. In this place were sent numerous expedition, and a huge media interest focused on the discovery, because in case of corroboration of artificial origin city it could rewrite the history of human civilization. Continue reading “Underwater city in Japan”

In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …

found a UFOIn the Baltic Sea, at a depth of about 90 m, Swedish treasure hunters divers from Ocean Team X found a strange unidentified object …

Scientists suggest that the remains of the crashed UFO in ancient times. To take pictures and explore the mysterious discovery, the divers made several dives. Continue reading “In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …”

The reserve in the Ross Sea

Ross seaEnvironmentalists accuse the Ukraine, Russia and China to block the idea of creating the world’s largest marine reserve in Antarctica, reports the BBC. In the Australian city of Hobart negotiations on this issue. They will last for ten days. Participation in negotiations take 24 countries and the European Union. Director of the environmental organization Sanctuaries Project dubbed them the black days, not only in the Antarctic, but also for the entire world ocean. Continue reading “The reserve in the Ross Sea”

Devastating trio for oceans

 oceansThe oceans for granted, like the endless abyss that can endure everything. It turned out that this is not the case. No matter how big the ocean, and the scale of our crimes against him, even wider. Scientists are talking about the disastrous trio that threatens much of the surface of our planet. This trinity attributed ocean warming, ocean acidification and loss of ocean oxygen. According to recent reports, the temperature of the surface water in the ocean has increased by 0.6 ° C. Acidification of seawater is due to intensive ingress of atmospheric carbon dioxide, neither more nor less – 30 billion tons of CO2 per year. Continue reading “Devastating trio for oceans”

By 2100-climate change will undermine the system of ocean


A large group of researchers from different countries made the feat, which, unfortunately, remain unnoticed by the general public. First described the whole chain of bio geochemical changes in the ocean caused by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases – the whole cascade of events that affect not only the habitat of marine organisms and the depths of the ocean, but also on people. Previous studies have focused primarily on the ocean warming and acidification and pretty underestimated the degree of biological and social impacts of climate change. Deep-sea corals (for example, this Anthomastus in the Pacific Ocean near the mouth of the river Uhryniv) will be able to survive in conditions of oxygen starvation. (Photo by UC San Diego.)

Continue reading “By 2100-climate change will undermine the system of ocean”

The alien city under Japanese Sea

The coast of Japanese a mysterious ancient city in deep water. The city, which is described as enigmatic, has a pyramid in which some of the stone monoliths are engraved with some sort of strange symbols. Some research suggests that a race of giant aliens built the city long before the existence of humans. The pyramid is very small which makes it one of those smaller pyramids was created 100,000 years before the creation of the pyramids of Egypt.

  Continue reading “The alien city under Japanese Sea”

UNESCO warns of a large tsunami in the Mediterranean sea

UNESCO warns of a large tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea

Recently, Dr. Simon Atkins atmospheric scientist, expert and economist planetary climate risks stated that due to the large amount of environmental anomalies are affecting our planet, could cause an imminent large tsunami. But many scientists believe that the Earth’s coasts are threatened, UNESCO now warning of a possible tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea.

Some experts say that this warning may be because of the recent solar storms, which produced a magnetic pulse extreme, causing floods in Europe you record. Continue reading “UNESCO warns of a large tsunami in the Mediterranean sea”