Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US

Huge sandstone steeple castleton tower in utah. Researchers at the University of Utah measured the vibration characteristics in detail for the first time. The resonance frequency of the tower found in the survey is an important key to predicting the rock’s response to disturbances such as earthquakes.

Castleton tower, a columnar rock towering in utah. The vibration characteristics of this sandstone layer were first measured in detail by utah experts using seismological techniques. Continue reading “Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US”

The Land of the Beast

Land of the BeastThe structure and history of the earth. However, as a science, it has a history of its own and geological events. So in this blog, I do not just want to talk about how we learned about the Earth, but also how geology made history (who wants to can listen to a podcast and learn more about me and my blogging).

In 1751, the doctor visited French Auvergne, known today for its conical mountains, as well as Puys, and the myth of a terrible man-eating beast. 250 years after Guettard. Guettard could not have guessed at that time but somehow both things hang together and as a geologist I was on the way to the land of the beast nearly 250 years after Guettard. Continue reading “The Land of the Beast”

The Best Mountain Ascents of Asia

Annapurna Ring – Nepal

The Annapurna’s audience is measured to be the oldest  track in the Himalayas and one of the best hiking routes in the world. This is a quite long transition – 17-21 days – depending regarding the different you pick. A key feature of the government is the alley through the Torong-La Pass, which is the highest narrowing of the road at an altitude of 5 416 m. The Annapurna’s arena is not deserted spectacular views and landscapes, but as well as a journey through the culture of Nepal: you will adding together through the villages of Buddhists and sacred places of Hindus. Despite its popularity, Annapurna Ring is the peak pedigree of the list of the best routes in Asia. Continue reading “The Best Mountain Ascents of Asia”

Exploit Dead Dolphins in Newzealand

 dead dolphinsWhat happened in New Zealand tragedy shocked the whole world. Recall, 400 long-finned pilot whale (sometimes also called the “Black Dolphin”) washed ashore. Some of the animals were rescued, but most of them died. Soon, about 11 km from the site of mass suicides in the second part of the tragedy took place: on the edge of the emissions of more than 200 pilot whales. Continue reading “Exploit Dead Dolphins in Newzealand”

The Australian had a fight with a kangaroo

KangarooCase occurred in Australia, wherever a gaggle of hunters with dogs searching a board, however at some purpose, the dog that was taken to the track, collided with a kangaroo, United Nations agency grabbed a dog’s neck.

The owner of the dog, the automobile stopped and ran to rescue a dog and a Kangaroo standing in fighting cause. What’s happening was sort of a match and a person hit within the face with a marsupial. Kangaroo such impudence was Continue reading “The Australian had a fight with a kangaroo”

Abnormally high temperatures will soon

Abnormally high temperaturesAustralian scientists reported that the study of climate change conducted by them suggests that the concept of the norm shifts in the world. Because of global warming, growing all the time and temperature of what today is considered abnormally high record will soon become the norm.

Computer modeling suggests that the scope of the normal average monthly temperature and continued to shift annually. Continue reading “Abnormally high temperatures will soon”

Planet X will destroy the solar system

Planet XPlanet X, this big, dark and cold pilgrim, according to astronomers, is now beyond the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, but when it is close, it will throw an attraction Uranus and Neptune beyond the solar system.

Since the first official reports about the existence of Planet X (scientists call it the ninth planet, astrophysicists reveal new details about what this means for the planet of the solar system itself. Continue reading “Planet X will destroy the solar system”

In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes

8000 LakesAt first glance, the bright blue spots on a white sheet of Antarctica – a great illustration of the beauty of nature. However, scientists warn that melt ponds in abundance seen in the Antarctic are writing on the wall.

Almost 8000 dazzling blue lakes appeared on the glacier Langhovde in East Antarctica from 2000 to 2013. Newly appeared reservoirs may be a sign that the glacier is doomed. The same lake are observed in Greenland that melts at a much higher rate. Continue reading “In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes”

Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?

Yellowstone volcano In Yellowstone recorded high concentrations of CO2 that can talk about the imminent eruption of the super volcano. Satellite images show that a large amount of carbon dioxide released into the area of the volcano. High CO2 levels in the vicinity of the volcanoes are usually harbingers of imminent eruption, as a sign of the rise of pressure deep beneath the earth’s surface.

In addition, there has been a surge in seismic activity in Wyoming and near the caldera super volcano. Yellowstone last erupted 70,000 years ago, but the recent surge in seismic activity around the world, could accelerate in the depths of its caldera. Continue reading “Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?”

The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East

NatureClimate scientists have concluded that extreme weather and climate disasters will increasingly lead to wars in multinational states, especially in the Middle East and Central Asia, said in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Natural disasters, climate-related, have a special breaking potential which manifests itself particularly tragic in ethnically diverse societies. Climate disasters do not cause the violence directly, but they can increase the risk of an existing conflict. Continue reading “The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East”