Space Monsters

American astronomers have discovered a whole class of space objects about which scientists previously had no idea. We are talking about dwarf black holes, which occupy an intermediate position between the most massive neutron stars and black holes of small mass, whose existence was not in doubt.

However, in recent years, more and more reports have appeared about unusual cosmic phenomena that can be caused by completely exotic objects. talks about hypothetical stars whose existence may never be proved. Continue reading “Space Monsters”

You should know these 9 African kingdoms

African kingdomsThe cradle of humanity in South Africa is the scene of humanization, of human evolution. From the African continent, Homo sapiens moved all over the world. In Central America, the Mayas built impressive temples, and during ancient times, Greeks and Romans influenced people far beyond the Mediterranean. Already before, Ancient Egypt heralded the time of the African kings in the delta of the Nile. Apart from the kingship of Egypt, there were several other kingdoms in Africa that are rarely heard of. Even today, many tribes maintain millennia-old traditions. We introduce some African kingdoms that you should definitely know.

The Aksumite Empire

Period: circa 100 – 960 AD

The Aksumite Empire is the oldest in our list. Researchers in Ethiopia and Eritrea have found indications that agriculture was already practiced in this region 10,000 years ago. The African kingdom played a central role in the flourishing trade between Rome and ancient India. Continue reading “You should know these 9 African kingdoms”

The Land of the Beast

Land of the BeastThe structure and history of the earth. However, as a science, it has a history of its own and geological events. So in this blog, I do not just want to talk about how we learned about the Earth, but also how geology made history (who wants to can listen to a podcast and learn more about me and my blogging).

In 1751, the doctor visited French Auvergne, known today for its conical mountains, as well as Puys, and the myth of a terrible man-eating beast. 250 years after Guettard. Guettard could not have guessed at that time but somehow both things hang together and as a geologist I was on the way to the land of the beast nearly 250 years after Guettard. Continue reading “The Land of the Beast”

Revenant Grave From The Neolithic Discovered At Theissen

Revenant Grave During the roadworks between the Saxon-Anhalt and the villages of Theissen and Nonnewitz, archaeologists have excavated the remains of a Slavic settlement as well as graves from the late Neolithic period from 2,800 to 2,200 BC. Discovered. The manner in which a man was buried might indicate that his erstwhile contemporaries were trying to prevent the dead from haunting them as a so-called Revenant, and thus as a preform of the vampire.

As an outstanding find, the press release of the State Office for Preservation and Archeology Saxony-Anhalt – State Museum of Prehistory describes the probably Neolithic stool of a man lying supine in a settlement pit, with his head to the northwest, the view to the east, angled legs and originally bound arms . Continue reading “Revenant Grave From The Neolithic Discovered At Theissen”

The Mariana Trench is the Deepest Place on Earth

Deepest Place on EarthAlthough Cameron and his team hope to learn more about the biology of the depths of the Mariana Trench, geologists already know a lot about how the Mariana Trench formed and why this is the deepest place on Earth. James Cameron successfully sank 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) into the deepest part of the Mariana Trench on a single-manned deep sea challenger submersible.

Best known as the director of Hollywood, and now a researcher at the National Geographic Society, Cameron is one of three people immersed in the deepest point on Earth, and the only person who stayed there long enough to make observations. Continue reading “The Mariana Trench is the Deepest Place on Earth”

In China, There Is A Mysterious Ancient Water Pipe, Which Is Unknown By Anyone Built

Mount Baigong Shan, which is in the Chinese province of Qinghai, has been churning the minds of historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena for many years. On one of the mountain slopes is a pyramid- shaped structure, all of which have an artificial origin – the structure consists of metal pipes that enhance far into the rock mass.

According to some researchers, the age of the pipes is so great that, most likely, the pyramid was not created by people – at that time there was no technology necessary to implement such a project.

Employees of Atlas Obscura believe that the pyramid was built by aliens: Continue reading “In China, There Is A Mysterious Ancient Water Pipe, Which Is Unknown By Anyone Built”

The First Passenger Capsule Hyperloop

HyperloopHyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has begun construction of the first full-size passenger cabin of the transport system Hyperloop, the press service of the company reported.

It is expected that at the beginning of 2018, an official display of the finished product will be held at HTT Research Center in Toulouse for its further integration and optimization. Then the capsule will be used in a commercial system, which will be announced shortly after the negotiations and feasibility study, which are currently taking place in different parts of the world, the company said. Continue reading “The First Passenger Capsule Hyperloop”

NASA clears mysterious objects with pictures of Mars

On MarsNASA caught on editing photos from the surface of Mars on which agency erases objects of artificial origin. So in the panorama of Mars from September 16, 2013 sent by the rover between the two peaks on the ridge is clearly seen a large rectangular building, but in the picture dated 11 February 2017, this object no longer exists. Continue reading “NASA clears mysterious objects with pictures of Mars”

The body of a strange animal

strange animalA strange shaggy animal of large size and beak nose washed up on the coast near the village Ilinskoe on Sakhalin. After the publication of the photo expressed many versions about the origin of the animal, but scientists have put an end to the dispute, saying that it was the remains of ordinary dolphin.

It is the skeleton of a dolphin. Definitely. This is indicated by the break. There is nothing unusual in this, since the dolphins and whales beaching themselves periodically, including in Sakhalin. In a few cases it was last year. Continue reading “The body of a strange animal”

Ten amazing discoveries

amazing discoveriesIn the world of science fiction may almost everything. However, as science fiction draws inspiration from science, and science often tries to realize a fantasy writers and directors. Here you will find dozens of stories from the world of science that could well form the basis for an extremely interesting sci-fi story. You will be very surprised, believe me.

iPhone troll
When the New Zealand professor Christophe Bartech received an email inviting him to submit a report on nuclear physics at a conference in the United States, he was a bit puzzled. Firstly, he is not versed in this science, and it has never been invited to speak in such a way before. However, he was not taken aback. Continue reading “Ten amazing discoveries”