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Mysterious Egyptian mummy 3200 years of age

 Egyptian mummyScientists at Stanford University have used computed tomography scans to look inside the head of the mummy. It turned out that the skull is filled with a certain substance, the brain is also in place. Nothing like this has ever been observed. The study mummy was brought to California in the late XIX century, now in the Museum of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Whoever sold the mummy Americans called it Hatason, probably referring to the ancient Egyptian queen Hatshepsut? But the mummified body obviously does not belong to the queen. It lies in a coffin, which shows a woman in normal everyday clothes. However, the coffin can also be her because trader’s last century could well put the mummy on the other. Read the rest of this entry »

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In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!

 mummyA unique discovery made by American scientists in the analysis of ancient Egyptian mummies. The discovery was made during routine DNA analysis, which was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in the US.

They examined the mummy of an unknown man, who died about three thousand years ago. His knee was discovered metallic orthopedic pin length of 23 centimeters. It countersigned bone and is held by the organic resin. Scientists have found that during the life of the man was made a major surgical procedure. Pin ancient physicians installed in the same way as it would do their counterparts today.

And the operation was performed so skillfully that left no trace. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mystery Mummies Wood Thai people

 MummiesThese mummies kept in the temple Wat Phrapangmuni Temple, not far from Sin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. The bodies of two unidentified creatures in a glass store cancer located in the building of the temple. Ministers insist that it is – the body of fairies, creatures from Buddhist mythology. One myth tells of a magic tree, which brought fruit instead of tiny creatures are female.

Thai Wood People – a small humanoid creature that grows on a certain tree in the forest Himmaphan Thailand. Legend says that they grow from the stem attached to their heads. They have long arms and legs, and live only for seven days. Read the rest of this entry »

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An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus accidentally found in the apartment

ancient Egyptian sarcophagusAn  ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, which determined the age of three millennia, many years lying as junk in the house of the British pensioner from Essex. He was found by accident when a lonely grandmother went into a nursing home, and the remaining things in her little house proprietress have decided to sell the home at auction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Old tomb(3300 year) of the pyramid at the entrance found in Egypt

old tombArchaeologists have unearthed in the ancient cemetery at Abydos tomb. Its age is approximately 3300 years old, and over the entrance to her once supposedly towered seven-meter pyramid.

In one of the vaulted burial chambers team of researchers has discovered the sarcophagus of sandstone, painted red. It was created for a scribe named Horemheb. On the sarcophagus preserved images of several Egyptian gods and hieroglyphic inscriptions with spells from the Book of the Dead, helping to move the deceased in the afterlife. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysterious of Giant Bones

Giant BonesThe mysterious nearby reports of giant skeletons has always intrigued and fascinated me. Specially, how it seemed to be a common occurrence that human-like bone remains, often of giant scope, were known for popping up everywhere in the mid-to-late 1800s, as featured in reports like these:

During an 1879 dig of an Indian mound near Brewersville, Indiana, a nine-foot eight inch skeleton was found buried within. Read the rest of this entry »

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The child found the mummy age 2 thousand years

mummyAmazing treasure discovered ten resident of the city of Verdun. Thus, in the attic of the house where the family lives a boy, he accidentally discovered a chest in which there was a mummy. Age finds experts estimate that about two thousand years. According to the press secretary of the city, the prosecutor’s office with a message about finding mummies turned Wolfgang Kettler. Later it turned out that the trunk was a long time in the attic – in the distant 1950s Kettler father, being on a trip in North Carolina, gave him home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Egyptian mummies reveal genetic secrets

mummies genetic secretsSoon decoding the genomes of the ancient Egyptians could become commonplace.  This is the opinion of researchers are the first to look at the DNA of the mummies with next-generation technologies.


Carsten Pusch of the University of Germany and his colleagues says that they have discovered ancestral roots, pathogens and even plant material allegedly used in embalming.

  Read the rest of this entry »

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Archaeologists found ancient mummies

mummiesThe ancient mummies found in the distant past of humanity suffering from atherosclerosis. A direct connection between the development of the disease and unhealthy lifestyle of modern people do not exist.

Scientists had occasion to find in ancient Egyptian mummies symptoms of atherosclerosis, but in most cases these were members of the nobility who have this disease may develop due to the regular use of refined foods. Read the rest of this entry »

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Methods ancient mummies dentists struck scientists

MummiesThe ancient mummies they found a unique way of dentistry. Computed tomography showed that about two thousand years ago, dental fillings used instead of a piece of cloth, per-soaked in cedar oil.

Thus, they are prevented from entering the food in the cavity of the tooth, and the oil helps relieve pain. According to scientists, the first time they had this treatment for the teeth. He joins a list of ancient practices of dentists.
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