Long Distance Call to Mars

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote in the middle of the 20th century: “If a lion could speak, we could not understand it.” The language of the lion would be completely alien to us, but not only because the lion is a lion and not a human, but because it exists in a completely different life world.

Consequently, even his language, which is always context-dependent for Wittgenstein, must be fundamentally different, even if it matches the grammar and vocabulary of ours. Some humanities scholars accused Wittgenstein of drawing lions on account of such aphorisms. Continue reading “Long Distance Call to Mars”

How To Survive On Mars Without Earth Resources?

MarsWhen people arrive on the Red Planet, they will need time to adapt to local conditions. They will also have to learn how to extract and use resources in ways that were not planned.

The colonization of Mars will not be an easy feat for mankind. Need billions of dollars and years of specialized research led by some of the most intelligent scientists and engineers of the world. Continue reading “How To Survive On Mars Without Earth Resources?”

The Greek god On Mars

greekUrology found on Mars images the contours of the statue of the ancient Greek god Pan. According to mythology, the god Pan was the god of pastoral and cattle-breeding, fertility and wildlife. Fans of the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life believe that human civilization is associated with the Martians.

Enthusiast-urologist Scott C. Waring, known for his love of Mars and to the whole cosmos, regularly conducts a thorough job on the study of images obtained rover cameras. Continue reading “The Greek god On Mars”

Found three potentially habitable planet

habitable worldAn international team of astronomers discovered in the constellation of Aquarius three planets the size of Earth. Monitoring is done from the observatory in Chile.

The planets are located around the red dwarf star, called brown Trappist-1, the amount of which is one-eighth the size of the sun.Miniature planetary system is located at a distance of 40 light years from earth. At least one of the planets can have an adequate temperature for life, scientists. Continue reading “Found three potentially habitable planet”

Scientists have proved that Mars suitable for life

Mars lifeIt just so happened that all the planets of the solar system Mars is most attracted Space Explorers. Not coincidentally, it was the red planet mankind has looked after for itself as a possible place in the organization of prison overpopulation of our native land. And supporters of this idea received support from the NASA specialists who, as they themselves claim to have proved that Mars suitable for life.

This sensational conclusion scientist helped make the machine Curiosity, exploring the Martian landscape. With the help of nitrogen were found in an acceptable form of living organisms. Continue reading “Scientists have proved that Mars suitable for life”