2030 the world will come the Little Ice Age

Ice AgeLittle Ice Age, scientists have warned could occur on Earth. A new study found that between 2020 and 2030 solar cycles may neutralize each other, resulting in a phenomenon known as the Maunder Minimum.

New model of solar activity shows a violation of the 11-year periodicity. It describes the effects of the dynamo in two layers of the sun, one of which is closer to the surface, the other – in the convection zone deep.

According to the forecast made ​​by Professor Valentina Zharkova, to the third decade of this century, solar activity will decrease by 60 percent, resulting in a small ice age. The study results were presented at a meeting of astronomers in Llandudno in Wales. Continue reading “2030 the world will come the Little Ice Age”

Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe

Geophysics Earth predicted Geophysicists from the US, Canada, France and Germany spoke about the future of the Earth in ten thousand years. The results of the authors of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The main conclusion of geophysicists is to ensure that global warming and anthropocentric factor over the next ten thousand years will if one does not take responses irreversible impact on the chaotic climate change on the planet.

The most conservative estimate suggests that over the next hundred years will pass in the atmosphere of about 1.28 billion tons of carbon. In another scenario, the air can be 9.5 billion tons of the material. Continue reading “Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe”

In the altai possible strong earthquakes

earthquakesGeologists have discovered in the Altai Mountains in the areas where you plan to lay a gas pipeline Power of Siberia-2, traces of previously unknown ancient major earthquakes. The data obtained taking into account previously made our research suggest that in the area in prehistoric times has been marked by strong earthquakes with magnitudes 5-7.

Katun River Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges, characterized by now relatively Minorities and magnitude seismic events have a much more significant seismic potential, are reported words of assistant professor of geological and geophysical faculty.

It is noted that the new data make overestimate the seismic hazard in some areas of the Altai mountains, where an earthquake of this magnitude has not previously recorded, and take them into account in the construction of facilities and gas pipeline to China. Continue reading “In the altai possible strong earthquakes”

Powerful eruption of the volcano Etna

http://mysteriousall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/the-volcano-Etna.jpgAirport, Reggio Calabria for more than 24 hours has been closed due to ash falls that have occurred as a result of the violence of the volcano Etna. So yesterday, this morning at 7 flights were diverted to the airport of Lamezia Terme.

More than 9.4 thousand tons of volcanic ash fell in a few hours in the city of Reggio Calabria in the area of ​​236 sqkm of the eruption on the night of December 3, Etna.

On average, in the municipal district has dropped about 40 cc per square meter of ash, which is about 9.440 tonnes throughout the city (of course, except for a much more abundant amounts of ash that had fallen into the sea). Such an amount of ash can be located on the sides of 315 trucks. Continue reading “Powerful eruption of the volcano Etna”

Natural disasters in 2015

disasters 2015A new report on disasters, UN says that the natural disasters in the last 10 years occurred almost daily about 2 times higher than 20 years ago. In a report published on Monday, it is reported that over the past 20 years, 90% of disasters were related to floods, storms, heat and other weather phenomena. Another 10% falls in the share of geophysical disasters earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Although the study said that the findings on the relationship of these events to global climate change is to do early, many climate scientists agree that the warming of the atmosphere exacerbates the effects of some natural disasters. What natural disasters have become the deadliest in 2015? Continue reading “Natural disasters in 2015”

Secret tunnel of the emperors of Rome opened for tourists

Hiden tunnel2000 year old imperial descent has been traced from the top of the Palatine Hill, where emperors erected great palaces, temples and down to Market Square. Illuminating light torches and guarded imperial guards passage with a high ceiling was so spacious that the emperor could pass it on horseback.

Which had originally a length of 275 m tunnel consisted of seven zigzag climbs, four of which have survived to the present day. Experts believe that part of the tunnel was destroyed by an earthquake in the IX century AD. Continue reading “Secret tunnel of the emperors of Rome opened for tourists”

Natural disasters the results of October 2015

disastersIn October 2015, there were a lot of different natural disasters in various regions of the planet. At the beginning of the month, on Sakhalin walked a devastating hurricane. A powerful cyclone hit in late October on the Kamchatka Peninsula, causing strong winds, local flooding and debris gathering Kamchatka again intensified activity at the volcano. In October, in a number of areas in the western part of Russia walked a strong wind and snowfalls were observed earlier.

In Europe, several countries have not passed the flood. Flooded areas of various scales were observed in Iceland (due to the melting of glaciers), Italy (most affected Sicily), France, Greece, Albania, Croatia and Romania. The most devastating effects of the flood was an event in the southeast of France. Continue reading “Natural disasters the results of October 2015”

Climate scientists have proposed spraying diamonds in the sky

Climate changeClimate scientists have proposed to fight global warming by spraying in an atmosphere of diamond dust. This is a more secure method of man-made climate cooling, rather than spraying sulphate aerosols, the authors of articles in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Brief study says Nature News.

To combat global warming is now widely discussed new ways of Geo-engineering – for example, spraying a mixture of sulfates in the sky with water, so that she reflected and scatter sunlight which simulates the cooling caused by the volcanic eruptions. Continue reading “Climate scientists have proposed spraying diamonds in the sky”

In the next 3 years catastrophic earthquake will shake California

earthquakeUS National Aeronautics and Space Administration predicts that in the next three years in Los Angeles, a large-scale serious earthquake happens. The probability of the tragedy is almost 100 percent. NASA confirms outlook and the US Geological Survey, but they estimate the probability of this event is much more cautious only 85 percent.

At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, researchers studied the effects of the earthquake in La Heybre, which occurred in 2014, and found that it eased the tension in the earth’s crust in the area, however, the remaining energy will be enough for an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 -6.3. Continue reading “In the next 3 years catastrophic earthquake will shake California”

California is shaken by hundreds of earthquakes

California earthquakesSan Francisco. California, USA. In recent days we have in the area. Trip to San Ramon, 27 km east of Auckland, is a series of earthquakes with a magnitude up to 3.6. About 200 small earthquakes occurred in the district of San Ramon, from 13 October to 20 October.

The strongest tremors in magnitude from 2.8 to 3.6 were felt mainly in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay. It is reported that the tremors were felt most notable residents of Contra Costa County and Alameda. Only for Monday, 19 October is observed up to 25 significant crustal movements. Continue reading “California is shaken by hundreds of earthquakes”