Impact of CO2 on plants accelerates global warming

global, warmingScientists have proven that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration increases the temperature of the climate, not only because of the greenhouse effect, but also because of the reduced ability of plants to cool the air by evaporation from the surface of its leaves; the article says the researchers published in the journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences.

The study authors believe that the observed phenomena they will make substantial amendments to the forecasts of global warming, if it is taken into account in current climate models. This suggests that the current expectations of climatologists on the magnitude of global warming in the twenty-first century may be significantly understated.
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Global warming threatens people’s lives

global ,warmingClimatologists at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Purdue University (USA) showed that the rise in average surface temperature at 11-12 ˚ C will result in the fact that most of the human population will have to deal with the overheating of the body.

Scientists have examined relationship of global warming with an increase in the maximum temperature of wet bulb temperature (TW). This value is measured by a thermometer, wrapped a damp cloth and blown air flow. The evaporation of water, the intensity of which depends on the humidity, cool bulb, and it shows a lower value than the dry device transmits portal Kompyulenta.
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How will global warming?

No one denies that the planet has come the global warming. Scientists project that in the coming years, sea levels will rise by 1.5 meters. But the forecast for the coming years. And what happens if the melting glaciers will avalanche? The development of such a situation can occur, of course, in the coming years, and during the following centuries, when will live our great-great-great-grandchildren.

The Institute of Computational Mathematics held scale, which have no analogues in Russia the study of climate dynamics. The simulation of the dynamics of climate on the planet in the XIX-XXII centuries. Today it is the only Russian mathematical model that takes into account the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean.
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Icelandic volcano eruption began with new vigor

Stepped up the volcano in Iceland, clouds of dust rose to a height of 8.9 kilometers.
According to the officer, University of Iceland Magnus Gudmundsson, thanks to the wind improved the researchers got a real opportunity for the first time in the last 7 days to evaluate the situation from the air.

After assessing how much ice had melted due to the eruption, will be easier to determine what time will still be erupting volcano. A cloud of volcanic ash that covers the northern and central part of Europe formed as a result of rapid cooling of magma melting ice, the Itar-Tass.
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Global warming found wealthy of the Hypothesis

global ,warmingThe scandal surrounding the theory of global warming began in November 2009, when as a result of attacks by hackers on the Internet appeared disparate pieces of research and correspondence climatologists. After reviewing these documents, some Britons questioned the viability of the hypothesis of global warming, and even accused the scientists of falsifying the source data. Main defendants “klimatgeyta became Phil Jones, former head of the Centre for Climate Research University of East Anglia – the leading scientific organization dedicated to the study of global warming.
The Parliamentary Commission of Great Britain recognized the hypothesis of scientists about global warming a wealthy, according to Associated Press.
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In the repository “Doomsday” has accumulated half a million samples of seeds.

In the repository “Doomsday” had accumulated half million seed samples, reports Associated Press. Last grains trapped in the room, were the seeds of German pink tomatoes and wild strawberries from Russia, said Live Science.

Even in mid-2008, the repository contained only 250 thousand seeds. All it can hold 4.5 million samples.

Storage “Doomsday” was opened in 2008 and is located on Scabbard, a mere thousand miles from the North Pole. It is expected that scientists will gather in it the seeds of the majority of known plant species. Storage is able to survive such disasters as nuclear war or global warming.
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Global warming will cause the extinction of entire

Global, warmingScientists said that in the new century, the cause of instability and disappearance of entire nations will be climate change. Polar ice may melt within 60 years, and then, life will change beyond recognition. Sea levels will rise so much that many coastal countries, in which lives a third of the world’s population – will go under the water.

According to the findings of UN experts, the cause of the anomalous warming is the so-called “greenhouse effect”. Seeing this danger, the state in 1997 signed the “Kyoto Protocol – an international agreement on reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
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Truth and myths about global warming

Today there are few who doubt the fact of global warming. Scientific publications inform us that the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing continuously, the ice in the Arctic is rapidly melting away, and the temperature on Earth has been growing steadily and promises by the end of this century to grow at 2 ° C, at a minimum. Yet in circles far from the science around this theme formed the various legends and myths, like around any phenomenon of global proportions. Those people who want to believe that everything would argue that the warming – is part of the fluctuations of the climate system. After warming and cooling in the past succeeded each other. Those people who, by contrast, tend to believe in the disaster, are worried that global warming will throw us into a new ice age, and even in our lifetimes. In order to understand this, one must understand how Earth’s climate system works, and consequently, to look into the past.
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“Global warming” – a big political game of the XXI century

Issues of climate change are in modern world politics is about the same value as the problem of nuclear disarmament during the Cold War. Few people then realized the differences between these or other warheads and how many units to be redesigned to something more useful on the farm, but the nuclear winter did not want anyone. And now the technical side of the issue is known in full only to specialists, but about what hazards threaten the world with climate change, they know everything.

In Europe, this issue firmly holds one of the first places on the importance: in many governments, new portfolios on climate and energy. And among the international corporations has become a good habit to devote a separate line, the contribution these companies have in the fight against climate change.
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