Climate Warming Over The World is in The Meantime Irreversible

Climate Warming Over The World is It is recognized so much the choice concerning Donald Trump as regards the US divergence out of the Paris settlement over the local weather prompted a fascicle concerning discontent among environmental scientists yet adherents about observance because of the environment. However, in accordance according to modern data, local weather alternate of the earth is already irreversible.

Two modern research had been posted within the journal Nature Climate Change last week. According to in accordance with one on them, by using 2100 the average anger regarding the breeze of the taking wish inevitably increase by way of 1.3 degrees, to condition humanity definitely stops the outflow regarding greenhouse gases today. According to after scientists, the surroundings includes ample charcoal oxides after support the system on local weather change. Continue reading “Climate Warming Over The World is in The Meantime Irreversible”

Abnormally high temperatures will soon

Abnormally high temperaturesAustralian scientists reported that the study of climate change conducted by them suggests that the concept of the norm shifts in the world. Because of global warming, growing all the time and temperature of what today is considered abnormally high record will soon become the norm.

Computer modeling suggests that the scope of the normal average monthly temperature and continued to shift annually. Continue reading “Abnormally high temperatures will soon”

Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?

Yellowstone volcano In Yellowstone recorded high concentrations of CO2 that can talk about the imminent eruption of the super volcano. Satellite images show that a large amount of carbon dioxide released into the area of the volcano. High CO2 levels in the vicinity of the volcanoes are usually harbingers of imminent eruption, as a sign of the rise of pressure deep beneath the earth’s surface.

In addition, there has been a surge in seismic activity in Wyoming and near the caldera super volcano. Yellowstone last erupted 70,000 years ago, but the recent surge in seismic activity around the world, could accelerate in the depths of its caldera. Continue reading “Yellowstone volcano preparing to erupt?”

The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East

NatureClimate scientists have concluded that extreme weather and climate disasters will increasingly lead to wars in multinational states, especially in the Middle East and Central Asia, said in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Natural disasters, climate-related, have a special breaking potential which manifests itself particularly tragic in ethnically diverse societies. Climate disasters do not cause the violence directly, but they can increase the risk of an existing conflict. Continue reading “The link between climate and conflict in the Middle East”

The dangers of high temperature

hot weatherWalking under the scorching sun summer day or working out in the open air in 30-degree heat, do not underestimate the threat of heat stroke and other serious effects of high temperatures on the person.

Consider what is dangerous for human extreme temperatures with a plus sign, and what symptoms indicate the need for immediate medical care. Continue reading “The dangers of high temperature”

The deadly volcanic threat

volcanic threatSatellite observation of the entrails of the earth in the vicinity of New Zealand have shown that in the sea at the northern tip of the island is formed by magma chamber, which may soon produce a new volcano.

After New Zealand passed the Pacific fire zone – a strip of volcanoes and tectonic faults in 40 thousand kilometers. It encircles the Pacific Ocean, passing around the coast of North and South America to southern Alaska, then turns to Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, and ends in the area of the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and the South-West Pacific. Continue reading “The deadly volcanic threat”

Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier

destroys Antarctic glacierThe current pace of climate change may cause instability of the Antarctic ice core, which will lead to a rise in sea level by more than two meters, the scientists believe. The findings of a new study relating to the future Totten Glacier, which occupies a large part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and affect this one of the world’s largest glacier areas.

Studying the history of advances and retreats of the glacier Totten, the researchers found that if climate change continues, the glacier can cross the critical threshold for the next century, having entered into an irreversible period of very rapid retreat. Continue reading “Global warming destroys Antarctic glacier”

Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time

Changing the Earth's polesOnce cosmonaut VA Janibekov drew attention to the fact that the rotating nut in weightlessness makes the tumble at regular intervals. Researchers are interested in this phenomenon, believing that it will help shed on the mystery of one of the mysterious properties of our planet  the change of the magnetic poles.

However, in contrast to the nut in effect Dzhanibekova, change the polarity of the Earth an irregular event. Between the poles shifts can pass, and a thousand and several hundred thousand years.

In recent years, geologists are increasingly talking about the fact that the movement of the planet’s magnetic field has reached an incredibly high speed – about 64 km / year. But at the beginning of the last century the rate of migration of the pole is 15 km / year. Continue reading “Changing the Earth’s poles could happen at any time”

Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador interconnected

Earthquakes Both these powerful earthquake occurred with a difference of only a few days and both were devastating. Japan and Ecuador are located close to each other, only 15 thousand kilometers, and the characteristics of both earthquakes were similar.
The relationship between these two natural disasters actually exists. Continue reading “Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador interconnected”

North Pole is shifting to the east in the direction of the Greenwich meridian

North Pole is shifting On our planet, there is something unusual, since 2000 Magnetic North Pole has changed direction and is moving rapidly to the east. These are the results of a study conducted by NASA. For the first time we have real evidence that changes in the distribution of water on the ground in the global change and the direction of motion of the Earth’s axis.

The Caspian Sea and the rivers of the Indian subcontinent are losing a lot of water due to climate change, especially the ice in Greenland and in the western part of Antarctica and this was a factor in changing the direction of the North Pole. Continue reading “North Pole is shifting to the east in the direction of the Greenwich meridian”