Switzerland Is the Most Cosmopolitan Country in Europe

Before the referendum, the country is again presented as xenophobic. The initiative of the SVP wants to achieve only what many EU states want: that the right people come.

Contrary to popular misinformation, which is repeatedly spread in German newspapers against better knowledge, Switzerland is a cosmopolitan, foreigner-friendly country. The share of foreigners in the permanent resident population is over 23 percent, a record in both absolute and relative terms. Continue reading “Switzerland Is the Most Cosmopolitan Country in Europe”

Ghosts Goritsky Monastery

mysteriousFemale Goritskii Resurrection Monastery is situated on the banks of the river Sheksna, overrun with pine trees at the foot of a hill called Mount Maura. His low white walls with rounded corner turrets fit musically into the picturesque countryside. And entering into the territory of the monastery, as if you get to the Garden of Eden – is there an abundance of colors. But pilgrims admiring the beauty of this, and have no idea what dreadful secrets kept monastery walls. Continue reading “Ghosts Goritsky Monastery”

Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy

Negative energyScience has not yet proved the presence of vampires, sucking the energy, as well as the presence of damage and the evil eye. But even the most modern people, cynically minded, can not be denied that one person can bring about positive emotions, and next to the other person can feel like sucked the life force and energy.

No wonder since ancient time’s different people say that there are energy vampires, people with bad and hostile look, magicians and sorcerers, who for his own pleasure willing to harm others. Continue reading “Protect yourself from the negative effects and negative energy”

Heritage swashbuckling times

Heritage The first half of the twentieth century in Russia was overflowing with dramatic events: During the First World War was followed by a revolution, and the representatives of the new regime began to impose its authority by fire and sword. Those times for our country were scary how many people perished in the prison dungeons and camps, died in battle …

It is worth to come to any Russian city, as you definitely will tell at least one mystical story associated with the grim era.  Continue reading “Heritage swashbuckling times”

People Shadow from a parallel world

world anotherThey appear in the photographs and videos, and in everyday life are often invisible. People tend to take them for the ghosts of the dead. But parapsychologists have another version: it is the essence of a different dimension that live next to us.

Entities with photos
Many mysterious cases occurred in an era when there was no digital photography. So, in 1964 the Briton Jim Tamplton family walking near the Gulf of Solway Firth in a deserted place. Father decided to take pictures of his five year old daughter. Continue reading “People Shadow from a parallel world”

Ancient siberian ghost city

Ancient Siberian city of ghosts – until the arrival of Ermak. Interesting information about ancient settlements that existed in Siberia and Altai even before the mass arrival of the Russian people, for some reason, neglected by historians, archaeologists and other experts.

Siberia – the land is not historical? Assessment of Siberia as a land historical first gave one of the founders of the notorious Norman theory German Russian service Gerard Miller. Continue reading “Ancient siberian ghost city”

Four incredible stories about buried alive

DunbarIn the 18-19 centuries when medicine has not yet reached the level to accurately determine a person dead or alive, many people panic feared to be buried alive. 2299486243a Those who sought to protect themselves and get rid of fear to go into another world by mistake, it was impossible to deny the ingenuity.

For example, a doctor, medical historian and author of Buried Jan Bondeson leads a dozen examples of a variety of measures and rituals that allow ozhivshemu dead man declare his miraculous resurrection, including the safe coffins with flags and bells announcing the underground movement. Continue reading “Four incredible stories about buried alive”

The Beast of Gevaudan

GevaudanThe starting point of this story can be considered July 3, 1764 . Location – Gevaudan province in the south of France. On that day, a young girl was killed by a wolf fang , known to history under the name of the Beast of Gevaudan . Wolves usually shun people and are close to human habitation only in very cold and hungry winter. But such was not the hero of this article. This animal is deliberately lying in wait for people on forest roads and not even afraid to come for the two-legged prey in villages in the light of the day . By the end of November 1764 the number of victims has reached ten. Continue reading “The Beast of Gevaudan”

Mysterious of the evil eye and lies

evilWhere does the gift of clairvoyance? How do psychics affect the human body? Why are the evil eye and spoilage? Perhaps nothing mysterious about it. For all of these things are responsible program built into our DNA. And, if desired, the DNA can be reprogrammed, said Russian biophysicists team led by Peter Garyaev. According to Western scholars are important, only 10 percent of the genes associated with the construction of proteins. The remaining 90 percent – this is just a genetic junk. But what nature has provided this ballast? A question that Garyaev and his team. For his experiments, scientists have drawn … linguists. Continue reading “Mysterious of the evil eye and lies”

Psychics expelled from the house seven ghosts.

seven ghostsA small Estonian village existed an Earp house with ghosts , says RG. The young couple and Layla Riho every once in a daze waiting for nightfall , when the walls of their homes will start sounding eerie sounds , and in the corridors appear strange glow . The couple has received a house with ghosts in the inheritance suspected that there is something terrible happened a long time ago . Before their wooden house was a haven for the dispossessed, and then the hospital. Buy this old building , so even with a strange reputation nobody wanted . Continue reading “Psychics expelled from the house seven ghosts.”