On The Moon Want to Build a Temple

 In order to satisfy the spiritual and psychological needs of people who will be the first  colonists on the Moon.It is proposed to build an observatory temple on South Pole.

The author of the project on erecting a temple on the Moon was the graduate of the London College of Art, Spaniard Jorge Manes Rubio. People whose home will be the Moon will be cut off from civilization in a dark, cold and extremely inhospitable world and the need for spiritual communication among them can become very urgent. Continue reading “On The Moon Want to Build a Temple”

The earth rises a giant super moon

BIG MOONMoon this November and December, during the full moon will appear unusually large due to the closest approach to the Earth, the Moon will be the November record high over the past 68 years.

Supermoon – this astronomical phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the moment of closest approach the Moon and the Earth and the moon appears 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon at this point looks like a huge glowing ball as Earth passes closest to the point of its orbit – perigee. Continue reading “The earth rises a giant super moon”

Anomalies in the expansion of the universe

the universeAn international team of researchers working in astronomy service The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, found the paradox, which can serve as evidence of the anomalous properties of dark energy. This is indicated by a discrepancy in terms of rate of expansion of the universe, obtained by different methods.

According to information received, the universe is expanding at a rate of 67 kilometers per second per Mpc, with an error of 1.5 percent. These results are consistent with estimates Planck mission, in which the cosmic microwave background radiation, has been studied ancient light that came after 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Continue reading “Anomalies in the expansion of the universe”

On the Sun there are no spots

SunSomething strange is happening on the Sun – 3 June sunspot number dropped to zero, and the solar disk remains empty for three days. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory does not detect any significant dark nuclei.
What does it mean? Solar cycle, like a pendulum, swinging back and forth between periods of high and low sunspot numbers every 11 years. Today, let the sun is a sign that the pendulum has swung in the direction of lower numbers of sunspots. In other words, it installs solar minimum. Continue reading “On the Sun there are no spots”

Who guards the space?

guards of spaceFighting for space about aliens controlling. The sun and shoot down from orbit the moon to destroy humanity, neutron generators, which Russian and American scientists have brought to Mars, to work there for Martians neutron weapons.

How Stalin and Truman at Potsdam shared Moon between the USSR and the USA. It should be noted that this transmission channel OTP, has caused an angry reaction on the part of the Academy of Sciences. Continue reading “Who guards the space?”

The Earth rise Second Sun

Alter SunThe star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion will soon become a supernova. At first it will be a red giant and then a powerful explosion happens, the flash will light on which half of the Galaxy, said Australian scientists. The shock wave and the substance of the deceased star radiation will destroy everything in its path.

The Fireball will shine day and night for two weeks. The star is located 427 light years from Earth, so the inhabitants of the planet will not feel a significant impact on it. The exact timing of astronomers named. Previously, they assumed that an explosion will occur in 2012. But only now has grown to the size of Betelgeuse, is 1000 times greater than the Sun, and is about to explode. Continue reading “The Earth rise Second Sun”

Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid

 giant asteroidAustralian scientists have found traces of a giant asteroid that fell to Earth in the earliest period of its history. According to the destructiveness of his fall is one of the first places. On the discovery is reported in the journal Precambrian Research.

In the north-west of Geophysics Australia found small bells formed when an asteroid hitting the ground. The same spheres found in the sediments of the age of 3.46 billion years. Continue reading “Australian scientists have found a place to drop a giant asteroid”

The magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth

Magnetic fields Sun and EarthNASA satellites capture fluctuations in the magnetic field. The magnetic field has many astronomical objects. From time to time the magnetic field explodes, and the poles are reversed. Scientists believe that the reason for such explosion is magnetic reconnection. It often occurs in the interaction fields of two objects. When magnetic fields of opposite contact, they are similar to the line trains passing by each other in different directions.

But in the end, the field lines are broken and form new ones. This process gives the magnetic field lines one foot in the Sun, and the other – in the world, which allows solar energy to flow directly to earth Such situations are dangerous for satellites, astronauts in orbit, communication and power systems on Earth.. Continue reading “The magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth”

Giant sunspot emits powerful bursts

sunspotQuiet sunspot AR2529 was not so quiet. The active region in the form of heart erupted April 18 (00:39 UT), producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare.
The pulse of UV radiation from the flash is ionized in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. These, in turn, violate shortwave radio. The sailors, airmen and amateurs around the Pacific Ocean might have noticed the interruption of signals at frequencies below about 15 MHz. Continue reading “Giant sunspot emits powerful bursts”

Festive lights of a giant cluster of galaxies

galaxy clusterA new image of a giant cluster of galaxies from deep regions of the universe, which combines data from two space telescopes (Hubble and Chandra) and one terrestrial Observatory (NRAO). In October 2013 the Hubble Telescope launched the Frontier Fields program, three year cycle of observations, made in order to obtain images of the deepest regions of the universe.

The project objectives include six massive galaxy clusters, huge association of hundreds, even thousands of galaxies. These cosmic structures are the most colossal objects in the Universe formed through gravitational binding. Continue reading “Festive lights of a giant cluster of galaxies”