The Mariana Trench is the Deepest Place on Earth

Deepest Place on EarthAlthough Cameron and his team hope to learn more about the biology of the depths of the Mariana Trench, geologists already know a lot about how the Mariana Trench formed and why this is the deepest place on Earth. James Cameron successfully sank 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) into the deepest part of the Mariana Trench on a single-manned deep sea challenger submersible.

Best known as the director of Hollywood, and now a researcher at the National Geographic Society, Cameron is one of three people immersed in the deepest point on Earth, and the only person who stayed there long enough to make observations. Continue reading “The Mariana Trench is the Deepest Place on Earth”

The Greek god On Mars

greekUrology found on Mars images the contours of the statue of the ancient Greek god Pan. According to mythology, the god Pan was the god of pastoral and cattle-breeding, fertility and wildlife. Fans of the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life believe that human civilization is associated with the Martians.

Enthusiast-urologist Scott C. Waring, known for his love of Mars and to the whole cosmos, regularly conducts a thorough job on the study of images obtained rover cameras. Continue reading “The Greek god On Mars”

In Southern California discovered a new tectonic fault

new tectonic faultIn Southern California, Salton Sea Lake area, a series of earthquakes of varying magnitude and considering that the number of tremors in just a few days, more than 200 earthquakes, it has caused serious concern among American scholars.

The US Geological Survey has conducted studies in the area and discovered a new tectonic fault running parallel to the famous San Andreas Fault. Studies have shown that the new fault presents a great danger for Southern California. Continue reading “In Southern California discovered a new tectonic fault”

The Earth rise Second Sun

Alter SunThe star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion will soon become a supernova. At first it will be a red giant and then a powerful explosion happens, the flash will light on which half of the Galaxy, said Australian scientists. The shock wave and the substance of the deceased star radiation will destroy everything in its path.

The Fireball will shine day and night for two weeks. The star is located 427 light years from Earth, so the inhabitants of the planet will not feel a significant impact on it. The exact timing of astronomers named. Previously, they assumed that an explosion will occur in 2012. But only now has grown to the size of Betelgeuse, is 1000 times greater than the Sun, and is about to explode. Continue reading “The Earth rise Second Sun”

The American theory of the Earth’s structure was wrong

the Earth's structureScientists from several European countries, including Russia, have found a serious error in the calculations of the US peers, denying thus the classical theory of geomagnetism and the formation of Earth’s magnetic field, the press service of the MISA National Research Technological University.

In the article Influence of electron correlations on the iron properties in the Earth’s core, published in the journal Nature in early 2015, materials scientists from the United States, Ronald Cohen and Peng Zhang of Carnegie Institution (Washington) and Christian Houle from Rutgers University (New Jersey) tried to prove that the new theory of the formation of the magnetic field of the planet, adopted after 2012, is untenable. Continue reading “The American theory of the Earth’s structure was wrong”

Geophysics reported inflated the Earth’s atmosphere

the Earth'sGeophysicists from the US and Australia have come to the conclusion that 2.7 billion years ago, Earth’s atmosphere was much thinner, and the pressure in its lower layers was two times less current. To date, the gaseous envelope of the planet has increased considerably in size. The study is published in the journal Nature Geo sciences, briefly informs about it the University of Washington.

Geophysicists have identified the atmospheric pressure at which the gas bubbles formed in ancient lava flows. To do this, the researchers used samples of basalt found in the ancient platform Pilbara, Western Australia, and caused by volcanic activity about 2.7 billion years old. Continue reading “Geophysics reported inflated the Earth’s atmosphere”

Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe

Geophysics Earth predicted Geophysicists from the US, Canada, France and Germany spoke about the future of the Earth in ten thousand years. The results of the authors of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The main conclusion of geophysicists is to ensure that global warming and anthropocentric factor over the next ten thousand years will if one does not take responses irreversible impact on the chaotic climate change on the planet.

The most conservative estimate suggests that over the next hundred years will pass in the atmosphere of about 1.28 billion tons of carbon. In another scenario, the air can be 9.5 billion tons of the material. Continue reading “Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe”

The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi

MoonScientists have found that the Moon formed as a result of a frontal collision of the Earth with the planet Theia after about 100 million years after the formation of the globe. Previously it was thought that the collision of planets occurred on a tangent at an angle of 45 degrees.

In the latest study, published in the journal Science, analyzed seven rock samples brought to Earth from the Moon expedition Apollo 12, Apollo 15 and Apollo 17. They also studied the volcanic rocks of Arizona and Hawaii. As a result, the researchers found the oxygen isotopes in the samples from the satellite, which relates to a purely earthly. Continue reading “The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi”

On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth

CometOn Sunday will be able to observe the comet Catalina that January 17 will approach the Earth to the minimum distance.

As explained in the Main Astronomical Observatory, the comet comes closer to our planet in such a way that the distance between celestial bodies will be 108 million kilometers, reports Interfax.

This will allow the people to consider it with the naked eye, it is especially to be seen in the northern latitudes. However, if you look closely, Catalina now can be seen in the sky in the Big Dipper. Continue reading “On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth”

In the altai possible strong earthquakes

earthquakesGeologists have discovered in the Altai Mountains in the areas where you plan to lay a gas pipeline Power of Siberia-2, traces of previously unknown ancient major earthquakes. The data obtained taking into account previously made our research suggest that in the area in prehistoric times has been marked by strong earthquakes with magnitudes 5-7.

Katun River Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges, characterized by now relatively Minorities and magnitude seismic events have a much more significant seismic potential, are reported words of assistant professor of geological and geophysical faculty.

It is noted that the new data make overestimate the seismic hazard in some areas of the Altai mountains, where an earthquake of this magnitude has not previously recorded, and take them into account in the construction of facilities and gas pipeline to China. Continue reading “In the altai possible strong earthquakes”