Dragon within human

Dragon with humainRigorous research has not even led to a plausible answer to the question: why dinosaurs disappeared? – While every miserable little thing, such as monitor lizards, preserved, and continues to blatantly bring into disrepute the biosphere. Science does not know so far and what is consciousness, and that is the mind. This is hardly accidental.

However, pay attention to the three-brained person. Them from him, really, at least three: left head, right brain and spinal of bone marrow’s forget. By the way, all the three brains together not only superficially resemble a snake cobra. Why say, he wise as a serpent? That is where the hidden dinosaurs, that’s where the three-headed snakes inhabit the Dragon! Kundalini Serpent. Continue reading “Dragon within human”

Where dragons fly

dragons Historically, most of the monsters have not as a product of human imagination and fantasy, and under the influence of unknown natural phenomena, which are observed by our ancestors. Whales come to the surface of the sea, they were sea monsters, fossilized skeletons of prehistoric people believed the victims of Medusa, the rumble of earthquakes took for the votes of underground monsters.

And the list goes on and on. But here is to trace the origin of draconian Smaug is more complicated.
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dinosaur with teeth could be a vegetarian

One of the smallest dinosaur ever discovered, lived in South Africa, called Pegomastax africanus, which translated means “thick African jaw.”

Pegomastax were small, herbivorous dinosaurs with typical teeth, resembling a dog’s teeth. These dinosaurs lived about 200 million years ago in the early Jurassic period, and were not larger than 60 cm in length. Their mouth was shaped like a parrot’s beak.

There were canines Pegomastax 2.5 cm resembling vampire fangs. Posterior teeth were suitable for chewing vegetation.
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Killed the dinosaurs die out twice

dinosaurs dieThe mysterious disappearances of many species of animals at the border of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic have found an unexpected decision – in fact there were two mass extinctions.

Two groups of American scientists have found traces in the environmental record of two extinctions that occurred in the Cretaceous period, just one after another, with negligible in geologic time interval of 100,000 years. Double-extinction may explain why 65 million years ago on the planet disappeared at once three-quarters lived in her species.
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The Great Sea Serpent

Great Sea Serpent3000 years there is a legend of the great sea serpent. Even though 300 years have seen him a thousand times, the official science pretends that it is not. It can be seen to recognize the existence of this animal, scientists need to see an animal in a zoo cage …

“It was scary and plausible. We felt like rabbits in front of a boa: absolutely helpless and defenseless … we just looked into the eyes of another, unknown world, incredibly far away, incredibly wrong.” The record made in the traveling American Journal of Ridgway and Blyth travelers about their meeting with the great sea serpent.
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In Romania-the island found stocky dragon

stocky, dragonThe Scientists group discovered in Romania remain unusual carnivorous dinosaur, which experts call “chunky dragon”. The article describing the findings appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Briefly describe the work in the press release of the National Science Foundation. The researchers studied species Mastricht stage of the Cretaceous period and found in them the bones of a previously unknown dinosaur.
By bringing them together, scientists were able to restore the appearance of some lizard – it was a creature that moves on two hind limbs, while the front had been reduced (such dinosaurs belong to the group Theropoda). Continue reading “In Romania-the island found stocky dragon”

Fire Monsters

In our world there are places where strong enough to stamp a few times that of the ground climbed “the fiery monsters.

There is in Tajikistan on the river Vakhsh mysterious mound, built of rounded stones. Mysterious, because scientists have not agreed about its origin. Some say that the eight-mound just pile-bin, which are composed of stones, decorated with peasants from the surrounding fields. Others claim that the country pile built by Alexander the Macedonian soldiers, whose army is held once in those places. But some local residents are seriously assure you that under this mound lies the entrance to the fiery underworld, inhabited by evil spirits, that they still sometimes penetrate through the pile of stones and emerge on top, surrounded by black lights and the smell of sulfur … Continue reading “Fire Monsters”

The legend of the serpent Yormundgad

DragonThis Scandinavian legend tells of how, stranstvuya Lighting, Loki spent three years at the giantess Angrbody. During this time she bore him three children, a girl Hel, volchonka Fenrisa (Fenrira) and snake Yormundgad. “Even very young Hel was already on the two heads above his giant mother. The left half of her face and torso was red as raw meat, while the right – blue-black as the starless sky country of eternal night … Snake Yormundgad, second daughter Angrbody not yet had time to grow – there was not no more than five steps – but because her mouth has sochilsya deadly poison, and its cool light-green eyes sparkle ruthless malice. Compared with the two sisters, their younger brother, Fenris, seemed quite innocuous . Continue reading “The legend of the serpent Yormundgad”

The Legend of St. George

The Christian legend of St. George has many variants, differing greatly among themselves. In one of the options received literary treatment in the Greek East (historians consider him the most early and authentic), the Roman emperor Diocletian (in 303 year) starts on the persecution of Christians. Soon it was a young military tribunes George is originally from Cappadocia (region of Asia Minor, then a part of the Roman Empire, now Turkey) in the assembly of the higher ranks of the empire in the city Nikomedii, he declared himself a Christian. The Emperor was trying to persuade him to renounce his faith, but without success. Then George put in prison, and subjected to many severe torture – thrown into the ditch with quicklime, bichuyut neat veins, put hot, stick spiked iron boots grass poison, wheels, etc., but it is still alive. In between torture George performs miracles (healing the sick, raises the dead, etc.) Continue reading “The Legend of St. George”

The legend of the dragon and girl

The dragon was very small – the growth of little more than girls. She too was growing up, and she liked the dragon – a beautiful, winged, with shining eyes …

So they became friends, and sometimes the dragon prevent girls climb on his back and a long summer with her in the night sky. The girl laughed, holding the hands to the sky and the stars fell down to her palm, like drops of rain, and the dragon smiled, and tried to escape from his mouth the little flames …
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