America before the coming of the dinosaurs

Crocodiles Paleontologists have discovered in North Carolina remains of a giant ancient proto-crocodile, Caroline butcher, whose ancestors were the main top predators of the New World in the Triassic period, long before the coming of the back of the dinosaurs, according to a paper published in the journal Scientific dinosaurs Reports.

The fossils of this period are extremely important for paleontology, as they allow us to learn about how there were also developed the first krokodiloobraznye reptiles and carnivorous dinosaurs. Both of these groups only started their evolutionary path in the Triassic and managed to survive until today in the form of crocodiles and birds. Continue reading “America before the coming of the dinosaurs”

Dragon within human

Dragon with humainRigorous research has not even led to a plausible answer to the question: why dinosaurs disappeared? – While every miserable little thing, such as monitor lizards, preserved, and continues to blatantly bring into disrepute the biosphere. Science does not know so far and what is consciousness, and that is the mind. This is hardly accidental.

However, pay attention to the three-brained person. Them from him, really, at least three: left head, right brain and spinal of bone marrow’s forget. By the way, all the three brains together not only superficially resemble a snake cobra. Why say, he wise as a serpent? That is where the hidden dinosaurs, that’s where the three-headed snakes inhabit the Dragon! Kundalini Serpent. Continue reading “Dragon within human”

Found a unique dinosaur skeleton

dinosaurThe capital of Portugal, Lorinyane found the most complete skeleton of a dinosaur in the world. This was stated by Portuguese paleontologist Octavio Mateus . Age finds is 150 million years old . This is the whole dinosaur in Portugal and one of the most complete in the world, – says the researcher Lourinha Museum and the New University of Lisbon Octavio Mateus . Continue reading “Found a unique dinosaur skeleton”

Dinosaurs became extinct 40,000 years ago not millions

The investigate team has found the cause of the mysterious presence in the fossilized leftovers of dinosaurs – the soft tissue and collagen, all of which should not be there, according to the scientists that the dinosaurs died out millions of years ago. The answer was very simple – the bone is much younger than previously thought.

Collagen – the fibrous protein that forms the basis of connective tissue and ensuring its strength and elasticity.

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Humans and dinosaurs

dinosaursScientists have found evidence that the ancient people, in spite of all reasonable explanations caught living dinosaurs. In the south-east of the state of Utah, in the United States, in the mountains of Kachina Bridge was discovered cave with interesting fragments of rock art. Scientists are at a loss, as the ancient people who knew nothing about the existence of dinosaurs, was able to portray them in the rock paintings on the rock formations Kachina Bridge  in the U.S.

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Man and dinosaur close

Scientific and objective article, entitled “Traces of the person on the stone, William Rush, a biology professor at Concordia College in Anne Arbor,Michigan, is considering three main types of tracks left unturned are paintings or sculptures made by human hands, and unexplained until now prints.

It stops the reader’s attention to the fact that “there are really genuine human footprints in the rock.” In the journal “Science Weekly” recognized that the fossilized footprints are a mystery to which modern science has no answer. Continue reading “Man and dinosaur close”

Global warming will come again the dinosaurs

Global warming A new theory to explain the prosperity of the giant reptiles during the Jurassic period, forced scientists to talk about the return of the dinosaurs. According to the researchers, global warming will lead to the emergence of new species and a multiform increase in body size of modern crocodiles, lizards and turtles.

The phenomenon of gigantism among herbivorous lizards, shows us that, in the warmth of their cage sizes increase significantly” – quoted by Daily Mail Patricia Hilliard University of California. The expert notes that gigantism even the example of one generation looks impressive, but if we are talking about tens and hundreds of generations, the body size of the animals can grow up to six times.

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Dinosaurs become wiped out because of the butterflies

A new theory on the causes of death of the dinosaurs set out in the just-published book in the United States Brian Switek. It lists the various theories of the sudden disappearance of the then owners of land, the newspaper La Repubblica. 66-65 million years birds have not been, and Butterflies felt fine breeding tirelessly. It is likely the cause of death of the dinosaurs became hungry. Butterflies, like the dinosaurs were vegetarians. At the huge reptiles, however, were huge jaws, but moths could count on the invincible weapon: the number.

Caterpillars devouring the leaves, and the dinosaurs likely died out from cramps in the stomach. Certainly, a new theory about the butterflies is the killer smile. But scientists suggest other equally strange theory. Continue reading “Dinosaurs become wiped out because of the butterflies”

The giant pterodactyl from Romania

giant pterodactyl Jointly by Romanian scientists from the University of Bucharest and the American from the American Museum of Natural History were found the remains of the largest of the flying lizards. The wingspan of a pterodactyl was found 16m.


The find was made in the Village of Sebes Alba County. According to preliminary estimates of paleontologists, this kind of pterodactyls soaring above the Earth about 70 million years ago. Continue reading “The giant pterodactyl from Romania”

History of the dinosaurs

dinosaursThe first thing to know is that is a dinosaur, whence comes the term, and know, broadly speaking, their characteristics and their way of life. So why start.

The story of dinosaurs began about 230 million years ago, in the middle of the Triassic period. The dinosaur is a word of Latin origin. The first proposed this word was the English scientist, Sir Richard Owen, in 1841. Dinosaur means terrible lizard and this name from since Sir Richard saw them as large dead reptiles, extremely diverse in the animal kingdom. Continue reading “History of the dinosaurs”