Glass pyramids are found submerged in the Bermuda Triangle

According to gigantic pyramids of glass would have been found submerged in the Bermuda triangle, would be constructions of legendary Atlantis? These strange pyramid structures underwater at a depth of 609 meters were identified with the help of sonar according to oceanographer. Studies of other structures, such as currently in Japan, have allowed scientists to… Read more Glass pyramids are found submerged in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle Cursed

Atlantic Ocean located off the coast of south-eastern U.S., where it seems that an invisible pen has drawn in the sea a triangle whose angles are: the archipelago Bermuda, southern Florida, and the area south of the Bahamas.The 360 islands of the archipelago of Bermuda reefs are named after the navigator Juan Bermudez, who discovered… Read more Bermuda Triangle Cursed

The Bermuda Triangle

All over human history, the supernatural phenomena have always fascinated people believers and irritated skeptics. The film uses unique archival materials, interviews with scientists and eyewitnesses, allowing reveal the secrets of the mysterious phenomena and popular myths that stir the imagination of modern people. The viewer learns a lot about the mysteries of the Bermuda… Read more The Bermuda Triangle