Yellowstone River was closed to the public due to the mass death of fish

Yellowstone Plot Yellowstone river length 294 km, as well as hundreds of kilometers of the surrounding rivers and streams, were closed to the public due to the mass death of fish. The ban applies to fishing, rafting, swimming, boating and other activities as long as the scientists do not establish the cause of environmental disaster.

According to representatives of the Department of fisheries, wildlife and parks of Montana (MFWP) as of August 19, on the coast of the river it was discovered more than 5,000 dead fish. The Department noted that the total number of dead fish is estimated at tens of thousands. Continue reading “Yellowstone River was closed to the public due to the mass death of fish”

Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Natural warmingFor several centuries, many powers have tried to find the Northwest Passage – a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Many sailors paid with their lives for this search.

The passage in the end found, however due to the Arctic ice was little suited to navigation. But the situation has changed in recent decades. The area of the Arctic ice cover is shrinking so rapidly that the Northwest Passage is close to becoming fully navigable. Continue reading “Global warming has opened a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean”

In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes

8000 LakesAt first glance, the bright blue spots on a white sheet of Antarctica – a great illustration of the beauty of nature. However, scientists warn that melt ponds in abundance seen in the Antarctic are writing on the wall.

Almost 8000 dazzling blue lakes appeared on the glacier Langhovde in East Antarctica from 2000 to 2013. Newly appeared reservoirs may be a sign that the glacier is doomed. The same lake are observed in Greenland that melts at a much higher rate. Continue reading “In Antarctica, there was 8000 Lakes”

Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis

TreasuresBritish archaeologists have presented the first results of underwater excavations in the Hellenistic cities of Canopus and Tunis, Heraklion, lowered into the water in the dark ages until the Middle Ages by unknown reasons.
In the Nile Delta around the 5th century BC, there were two major port cities Canopus and Tunis Heraklion-based Greek and Macedonian colonists during the reign of the26th dynasty. These cities have successfully gone through the occupation of Egypt by the Persians, its conquest by Alexander the Great and the transition under the dominion of Rome during the reign of Cleopatra.
About something strange happened in 750-800 years BC – both cities have mysteriously disappeared, lost in the literal sense of the water, and their inhabitants left the two thousand-year policy. The place where the city was built, remained a mystery until the beginning of the millennium, when the British and French archaeologists from the Institute of Underwater Archaeology in Paris started a large-scale excavation in the Nile Delta, in a place called the harbor of Abu Kir. Continue reading “Fifteen Treasures of the two Egyptian Atlantis”

The exact location of Atlantis

Atlantis locationAtlantis has not disappeared, it is lies in the depths of the sea. On Atlantis, a lot has been said, written thousands of research papers. Historians, archaeologists seekers invited fifty versions of possible locations around the world but the exact location is not named.

Why the confusion? Beginning to understand, discover a pattern that all proposals are initially binding on any one similarity, the discovery of antiquity, a single description under which (who) then adjust the materials. As a result, nothing happened. Continue reading “The exact location of Atlantis”

The glacier is rapidly destroyed Larsen

LarsenThe fourth largest glacier in the world, it covers an area equal to 55,000 square kilometers, it is twice more than a country like Belgium. Larsen C is rapidly destroyed. Experts studying the climate, and glaciologists warn that this glacier could suffer the fate of his predecessors – Glacier Larsen A, who disappeared 20 years ago and then lost in the Larsen glacier, its size – it is the US state of Rhode Island.

The melting of glaciers is directly linked to global warming and lead to unpredictable consequences – rising sea levels leads to increased evaporation of water and its condensation and is a harbinger of rain and powerful hurricanes. Continue reading “The glacier is rapidly destroyed Larsen”

The legendary Atlantis – Orichalcum

legendProducts for the legendary metal that has been used in Atlantis were brought to the surface off the coast of Sicily. The ship, which was carrying them, probably caught in a storm and sank at the time when about to enter the port. It was about 2600 years ago in the first half of the sixth century.

Chief of the Naval Department of Sicily shocked to find 39 bars. Nothing like this had not been able to find – said Tusa. We knew about the existence of Orichalcum of ancient texts and some decorative objects. Indeed Orichalcum has long been considered a mysterious metal, its composition and origin of the widely discussed. Continue reading “The legendary Atlantis – Orichalcum”

Antarctica- the structure of civilization?

Antarctica CivilizationOn a number of these cards Sixth Continent shown partially ice-free, but on the other – completely free. When this card creators claim that when compiling guided more ancient samples. Define the contours hidden under the ice surface and the coastline of Antarctica was only in the mid-twentieth century with the help of special equipment. And what happened? Similarly depicted outlines the mainland and its relief medieval cartographers! According to scientists, partially ice-free Antarctica was about 6,000 years ago, and completely free – nearly 15,000 years ago.

Who engaged Geodesy and Cartography in those days, when the world, according to modern views, there was no civilized society? Continue reading “Antarctica- the structure of civilization?”

Haarp time of atlantic?

AtlantisIn the age of discovery sailors from spain, portugal, holland and england, returning from distant voyages, told many incredible stories about the wonders of the pacific islands. People scientists usually consider such stories ordinary sailor’s tales.

Not many believed the history of spanish captain alvaro saavedra, who in 1529 told about the wonderful island of ponape, lying between the hawaiian archipelago and the philippines. Saavedra asserted, the island has the ruins of temples, palaces, strange large buildings, stone embankments. According to him, vaguely resembled a ghost townvenice. Continue reading “Haarp time of atlantic?”

The lost city of Atlantis

Lost cityIt was a bountiful land, blessed by lush vegetation and the existence of valuable mineral deposits, including gold and silver. His people enjoyed a high scientific and cultural level. The name of that fabulous kingdom and its great city is Atlantis.

The only description of Atlantis has left us is the work of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, and dates back to 347. C. But even Plato is a firsthand witness; the philosopher did no more than repeat the stories written by an Athenian traveler, Solon , who then repeated what had nest count Egyptian priests. Continue reading “The lost city of Atlantis”