Aliens live underground?

AliensResearchers at Yale University have recently suggested that the creature, which we take to be the aliens might actually reside under the ground, and not on other planets. From the same fly machines that we call UFOs. By the way, in folklore, there is plenty of evidence of so-called underground life …

The fact is that in the bowels of the earth at a depth of about 19 kilometers has created an environment quite favorable for life. Radiation and temperature is no higher than the norm, beyond which the human body may be in danger. Continue reading “Aliens live underground?”

Scientists said that Octopuses are Alien

Octopuses >AlienAmerican scientists from the University of Chicago conducted extensive research and said that octopuses have the alien DNA. Octopus studies showed that its genome has an incredible level of complexity. 33000 contain DNA octopus protein-coding genes that significantly exceeds the number of genes in the human body. Continue reading “Scientists said that Octopuses are Alien”

Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base

alien basePhotography enthusiasts continue to explore distant planets and finding suggests that the Martian satellite – Phobos, has a huge database of aliens.

However, this is not a new discovery, and the existence of a mysterious monolithic satellites of Mars – Phobos, announced in 2009, the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who insisted on the need to study the mysterious structure of a satellite of Mars – Phobos, which is much-said monoliths as some unusual geometric shapes.

When asked what this building and it has built, he believes that you have built the universe. An interesting statement from a man who came to the second surface of the moon. Continue reading “Satellite Mars – Phobos find alien base”

The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base

 alien baseThe pictures of the Moon in Google Earth, in one of the craters can be considered unusual square grooves, similar to the entrance to the underground bunker.

Bancroft  a small impact crater on the eastern border of the Sea of Rains on the visible side of the Moon. Continue reading “The moon found the entrance to an underground alien base”

Stephen Hawking-Humans must find aliens

AlianFamed astronomer physicist believes that the inhabitants of the world isn’t necessary to form contact with potential extraterrestrial civilizations, and their search ought to be conducted so as to realize time and conceal.

In his new program within the portal Curiosity Stream mortal told regarding Break through project: hear look for extraterrestrial intelligence, that he oversees, the instance of the exoplanet Gliese 832 c, set within the constellation of Grus, reports Cnet. Continue reading “Stephen Hawking-Humans must find aliens”

Star aliens become even more mysterious

Russian and American stargazers have found new peculiarities in the conduct of the star KIC 8462852, whose occasional Flicker and unexplained drop in brilliance were some way or another associated with some undetectable structures or protests in its circle.

In mid-October 2015, cosmologists from Yale College, told about the uncommon vacillations in the splendor of the star KIC 8462852 in the heavenly body Cygnus, the quality of the sparkle which twice dropped by right around a quarter in the most recent 7 years. This flicker interestingly brought up the likelihood of the nearness in the region of its supposed Dyson circles, star catcher vitality made by over improvement development outsiders. Continue reading “Star aliens become even more mysterious”

Aliens are good, bad or indifferent?

Bad alliensHow can we treat the brothers on reason when arrive on Earth? The Drake equation was derived by astronomer Frank Drake in the middle of the last century in an attempt to count the number of civilizations in our galaxy.

The first factor in the equation – the estimated number of stars in our galaxy – 200 billion. The second – the number of planets orbiting each star. A couple of other factors determine how many of these planets originated life, a couple of – what part of that is a sensible life, able to communicate with us. Continue reading “Aliens are good, bad or indifferent?”

British police have met aliens

Residents of the city of Wiltshire in the UK have long been concerned about the appearance of the mysterious circles on the local fields. Rational explanations that local experts have so far not been found. But it seems to unlocking amazing phenomenon could approach a policeman from said British town.

On condition of anonymity (for fear that he would be considered abnormal and expelled from work) police told local reporters that appears on the new round, he saw mysterious creatures. Continue reading “British police have met aliens”

Alien civilization from a distant star

Alien civilizationThe unusual behavior of a star located at a distance of 1480 light years from Earth, may indicate the presence of an alien civilization. This hypothesis, astronomers have suggested on the basis of observations from space observatory Kepler.

They now plan to study the strange behavior of the star using the directional signal of a powerful telescope. Preliminary results of the study presented in the journal arXiv preprint and short of it according to The Atlantic. Continue reading “Alien civilization from a distant star”

Ten strange signals from aliens

Alian signals Regardless of what we imagine when thinking about aliens, aggressors with bearer or little green men, we do not know whether they exist at all. And if there are, all of a sudden they are trying to contact us?

It turns out that scientists are seriously concerned about this issue. Before you ten theoretical and very strange ways in which aliens, according to scientists, are trying to contact us. Continue reading “Ten strange signals from aliens”