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US step closer to developing hypersonic missile that travels at five times the speed of sound

Officials confirmed that the United States is competing in the development of hypersonic rockets capable of five times the speed of sound.

Heather Wilson, secretary of the United States Air Force. He said that he is making efforts to keep up with other countries, such as Russia and China, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Friday, a group of experts from Washington.

USAF UU. Currently, 80 satellites are operating in space, the secretary added. His comments followed reports that Russia is also developing new missile systems after Washington announced plans to exit the historic nuclear arms control pact.

Vladimir Putin said over the weekend that Russia suspended the Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) of the Cold War era, which prohibited both countries from deploying short and medium-range missiles in Europe.

Meanwhile, Moscow and Washington accused each other of violating the treaty, and Putin said that Russia acted after the United States announced its withdrawal from the pact.

Washington has made it clear that it plans to begin work on the research, development and design of new missile systems, and Moscow will do the same, Putin said.

He added that the Russian army should begin work on the creation of ground launch systems for the Caliber cruise carrier rocket and long-range hypersonic missiles.

Russian officials said the work should be completed by the end of next year so that the new systems are ready by 2021.

However, US Ambassador for Disarmament Robert Wood said Tuesday at a UN-sponsored conference in Geneva that the country would reconsider its withdrawal from the INF Treaty, “if Russia returns to full and verifiable compliance.”


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SEO Goals for 2019

This is a new year, bringing new goals and a lot of thought. Starting in 2019, it’s time to consider your goals in the field of SEO goals for 2019, whether for you personally, for example, an SEO professional or goals that you set for projects. We can learn a lot from each other by learning about our collective goals as an SEO community.

So, not only will you see some of my SEO goals for 2019 included in this article, but you will also see a collection of SEO specialists from around the world.

SEO strategic and tactical goals for 2019

  1. Chase the long tail

Keep finding this sweet spot in a long line. It’s amazing when you can share your story, find it and get results. Go to the appropriate mass, but not where everyone will be rewarded, said Christophe Trappe, director of the company’s commitment Stamatas Communications.

  1. Stay on top of new technologies and their impact on SEO.

One of my main SEO goals for 2019 is to immerse in learning new technologies that will determine our future (including the future of digital marketing).

For example, I plan to study and study everything I can about artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Kevin Chow, director of SEO and Digital Current Payments, has a similar opinion:

A couple of things that I analyze are to understand whether IA for heading tags, meta descriptions and reporting ideas is the direction we need to go.

  1. Understanding the best impact of voice search

Chow also pretends to understand the voice more than just the Q & A with fragments highlighted this year, since he has already seen the voice become PPC.

Itamar Blower, head of digital marketing at Mint Twist, thinks the same way.

2019 will be great for SEO. With the increase in the number of virtual assistants and voice search, sustainable knowledge is vital to the success of this year, said Blower.

  1. Be aware of trends and changes in the algorithm.

Blauer also believes that understanding trends and following the latest Google algorithms will provide opportunities for new ideas, great content and even better results.

Taylor Kurz, owner and founder of Crush the Rankings, agreed.

Since the industry is changing almost every minute, it is extremely important not only to determine future trends, but also how they affect your industry. It’s also important to be at the forefront of image search optimization, as the new Google Photo application allows you to search based only on the image you are making on your phone, said Kurtz.

  1. Monitoring, adaptation and use of selected fragments.

Michael Brown Jr., Senior SEO Manager at Jellyfish Online Marketing, firmly believes in optimizing selected pieces.

Zeroing in 2019! As the search for real estate becomes more difficult to acquire, and with the development of mobile devices, the indexation of mobile devices and voice devices, it becomes clear that the ratings are not as important as they were before. My goal for 2019 is to track, adapt and look for current and future pieces as opportunities emerge, he said.

Promoting the game by creating best practices for optimization, continually updating with testing Google code snippets for areas of future opportunity and the most obvious protection you once acquired. Google has focused on changing the intent of consulting on informative sites, Brown added. More useful information so that it can be collected and used directly in the results of the zero position.

With the increase in the number of data collection devices, such as Google Home, the demand for direct answers will significantly increase with the help of visible fragments, such as quick response windows. Things like chatting with frequently asked questions, like Q & A’s, support the idea that it’s Google’s focus and it’s going to be more, he said.

  1. Improve page loading speed

Christian Jones, Director of Operations at, recognizes the importance of page loading speed.

One of our great goals this year is to increase the download speed of all our pages to less than 4 seconds. We plan to do this by optimizing images, minimizing HTTP requests and reducing the number of add-ons and pixels on our site, said Jones.

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You should know these 9 African kingdoms

African kingdomsThe cradle of humanity in South Africa is the scene of humanization, of human evolution. From the African continent, Homo sapiens moved all over the world. In Central America, the Mayas built impressive temples, and during ancient times, Greeks and Romans influenced people far beyond the Mediterranean. Already before, Ancient Egypt heralded the time of the African kings in the delta of the Nile. Apart from the kingship of Egypt, there were several other kingdoms in Africa that are rarely heard of. Even today, many tribes maintain millennia-old traditions. We introduce some African kingdoms that you should definitely know.

The Aksumite Empire

Period: circa 100 – 960 AD

The Aksumite Empire is the oldest in our list. Researchers in Ethiopia and Eritrea have found indications that agriculture was already practiced in this region 10,000 years ago. The African kingdom played a central role in the flourishing trade between Rome and ancient India. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Land of the Beast

Land of the BeastThe structure and history of the earth. However, as a science, it has a history of its own and geological events. So in this blog, I do not just want to talk about how we learned about the Earth, but also how geology made history (who wants to can listen to a podcast and learn more about me and my blogging).

In 1751, the doctor visited French Auvergne, known today for its conical mountains, as well as Puys, and the myth of a terrible man-eating beast. 250 years after Guettard. Guettard could not have guessed at that time but somehow both things hang together and as a geologist I was on the way to the land of the beast nearly 250 years after Guettard. Read the rest of this entry »

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The End of Hoplite Chauvinism

 Hoplite ChauvinismNear Athens, in the field of Marathon, the Persians were deployed. Opposite them the Athenian soldiers gather. The mood is characterized by fear. The Spartans are not there yet, the Persians were faster. You can no longer avoid the battle, you have to compete without the dreaded Spartans. The right wing of the Athenians is traditionally made by the strongest and best hoplite soldiers, who in their heavy bronze armor with the horsehair-crowned helmets, the conically shaped shields and the long spears make an impressive appearance and advance slowly in formation, with the slight right-hand spin, that is characteristic of their formations.

The day belonged to the Athenian hoplites. They defeated the Persian army, and the runner, who traveled 42 kilometers to Athens to deliver the victory message, is still considered the founder of the marathon today. But who were these hoplites who were immortalized on vases and played such a crucial role in Greek society? It was not the people who populated the streets of Athens and later exiled Thucydides. Read the rest of this entry »

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What is the Rosette Stone?

Rosette StoneIn 1822, the French Egyptology succeeded in deciphering the hieroglyphics. On a stone found by the French officer in The Rosette (Nile delta, Egypt), there was a Greek inscription in the lower part, while there were two texts with Egyptian characters over it. The comparison between the Greek text and the Egyptian characters eventually led to the decipherable of the hieroglyphics.

The deciphering of the hieroglyphics

The deciphering of the hieroglyphs goes back to the French Egyptology (1790-1832) in 1822.

After a long time of experimentation, he succeeded in deciphering the Egyptian signs with the help of the stone of Rosetta, also a stone of the rosette. Read the rest of this entry »

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Historiography in ancient cultures

 ancient culturesWith the emergence and development of the science of history, humanity overcame early mythical and religious ideas about its development in a long and complicated process. In their place came more and more secure knowledge. This process of knowledge will continue as long as humanity exists.

The transition to actual historical science took place only at the beginning of the 19th century. That did not happen unprepared. More or less significant progress in the direction of a scientific study of history has existed since ancient times at every stage of historical development. There were remarkable approaches to a source-critical approach, to the emergence of individual historical auxiliary sciences as well as to the expression of genres in the depiction of history. Read the rest of this entry »

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The First Punic War – Rome’s rise to world power

The First Punic War Depiction of a Roman legionary end of 3rd century

In the 70s of the 3rd century BC, Rome had reached dominance on the Italian peninsula. From all cities and peoples belonged as allies to the Roman Empire. The republic was stable, powerful and ambitious. On the opposite side of the Mediterranean, Carthage, not much older than Rome itself, had a position as a naval and trading power. Many colonies of Carthage moved along the Mediterranean coasts of Sicily, Spain, North Africa and Sardinia. His fleets ruled the western Mediterranean unchallenged. Carthage was satisfied with its extent; in contrast to Rome, it pursued no major expansive tendencies, but wanted to secure and expand its previous position. In Sicily, however, Hero had seized power over the great city of Syracuse and sought to strengthen the city’s power and develop it into a regional factor. It should be the ambitions of this Hero that tore Rome and Carthage into the longest coherent war of antiquity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Revenant Grave From The Neolithic Discovered At Theissen

Revenant Grave During the roadworks between the Saxon-Anhalt and the villages of Theissen and Nonnewitz, archaeologists have excavated the remains of a Slavic settlement as well as graves from the late Neolithic period from 2,800 to 2,200 BC. Discovered. The manner in which a man was buried might indicate that his erstwhile contemporaries were trying to prevent the dead from haunting them as a so-called Revenant, and thus as a preform of the vampire.

As an outstanding find, the press release of the State Office for Preservation and Archeology Saxony-Anhalt – State Museum of Prehistory describes the probably Neolithic stool of a man lying supine in a settlement pit, with his head to the northwest, the view to the east, angled legs and originally bound arms . Read the rest of this entry »

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The Cradle Of Humanity Was In Southeastern Europe

The Cradle Of Humanity This scientific illustration shows 7.2 million years ago in a dusty savannah landscape in the Athenian Basin. The southeast over the plane of Athens covered by a red cloud covered with Sahara dust; in the background the Hymettos mountains and the Lykabettos mountain.

Germany- Not in Africa, but in the Balkans, scientists have found evidence of a 7.2-million-year-old Vormenschen-type and shake the previous doctrine on Africa as a so-called cradle of humanity and suspect that at the same time The lines of development of chimpanzees and humans here may have separated several hundred thousand years earlier than previously thought.

Like the team from the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Nikolai Spassov from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in two simultaneously published publications in the journal Plos One, they examined two fossil finds of the Graecopithecus frey bergi with the most modern methods and came to the conclusion that this is a previously unknown species. Read the rest of this entry »

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