How the 90s Hit Women

I remember how in the 90s, when I was a child, my husband left my neighbor with three children. There was some indecent love story, a rival caught him with a bottle of wine, seduced him, wrapped him up, and he went into the sunset. As a result, a woman who never worked with two young children and one teenager was forced to somehow get out.

She adapted to sew, and therefore survived. To all whom she met, she offered her services. We ordered her a dress or skirt.

A young mother, who lived two floors above, washed the floors. Her salary was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t remember the exact figure, but I remember that it was only one and a half times more than the unemployment benefits then. And still very little.

But she still went to work to bring home not 80, for example, but 120 rubles. Many years passed in one leotard and in one sweater. But she raised a daughter.

A familiar librarian, from whom, by the way, her husband also left, and not just left, but disappeared from life without leaving alimony, was selling all kinds of nonsense, useful little things. In short, most ladies spun as they could. With children in their arms, abandoned, meekly gnawed a penny from life. Understood – so it is necessary now, it is necessary to wait out dashing times. To survive.

Yesterday, in a post about suicides, men wrote to me such an offensive thing: if a woman has a difficult life situation, then she will simply sell her dumpling to some male deer. And the man, they say, has nowhere to run. I remember those women who surrounded me when I was little. And it becomes very offensive to me. It’s unpleasant that someone says that about them.

What heterosexual activity, what dumplings? Wash floors, sew, stand in the cold with goods. Not to mention the huge bags that are twice as much as their own weight, which perl the shuttle traders. That’s what these women did, stuffing their ambitions into a famous place.

It seems to me that this is the answer to yesterday’s question – why do men die and break more often? Our female psyche is extremely adaptive and flexible, and our sense of self-importance easily recedes to the need to survive and stretch our children. Yes, in peacetime this property often leads to the fact that a woman agrees to unfavorable conditions for herself, to the fact that on average women receive 30% less than men. The fact that women who have agreed to monotonous, boring and low-paid work are contemptuous.

However, in difficult times, when it is important not to establish oneself as the leader and king of animals, but to get out of the pit, women do it faster and more efficiently, while a man can afford to drink, suffer, lie on the couch for a long time, as the proposed work does not corresponds to his ego.

Where you need to ask for help, settle for small things, survive – women do this with greater ease, they are more adaptive and flexible. And you all again about the sale of dumplings.

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