Kashmir : Pakistan And The World Community Insist On Referendum

African kingdomsRelations between India and Pakistan are a classic model of insoluble frictions, now and then turning into military clashes on the border zones of Kashmir, which is one of the most militarized regions in the world. Peace periods are as rare as rain in the desert. The conflict of two powers is a legacy of British politics. When India finally gained independence from London, the first conflict with Pakistan took place in 1947-1948. Then the country of the pure (the name Pakistan is translated from the Urdu language) declared its own independence. A new Muslim state has appeared on the world map. The confrontation with India was built in from the moment the new political-state community was formed. The British conceived the forced withdrawal of their former colony: “Divide and conquer.” Pax Britannica reluctantly parted with its previously conquered territories thousands of miles from the British Isles. Continue reading “Kashmir : Pakistan And The World Community Insist On Referendum”