The Kaddish Prayer Of Death

13 Jul

KaddishWhy do Jews read grieving Kaddish at the funeral? Why do Jews read Kaddish, crying at a funeral? The Kaddish prayer of death is one of the most famous prayers during and after the burial service

It is important to remember that, like Catholics, we often criticize other religions, because we pray for the deceased. It is often overlooked that Christianity not only opened one day, its roots can be found in the Jewish religion and practice of the temple. The Jewish practice of praying for the dead can be found in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Moreover, Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, came to this world as a Jew, and was raised and practiced the Jewish traditions according to 2 Mk 12: 44 because if I had not expected the fallen ones to rise, it would be futile and foolish to pray for them in death, the prayer for the resurrection of the dead was already accepted by Jewish practice.

Kaddish of this word, which finds its roots in the Aramaic language and means holy. There is a special version of Kadisha, which is pronounced by a particular mourner under the name of the grieving Kaddish. The Code of Jewish Laws explains that for parents Kadish utters for 11 months, while for the spouse, brother, sister or child are ready within 30 days. Can they our actions in this temporary world affect those who have gone to the spiritual world? The answer is loud yes, and can be better understood when considering the Kadish. Does not the Kaddish prayer of death mention death or the deceased, but speaks of the greatness of God and of unlimited power. The Kaddisha theme is that everything comes from God.

Obviously, everything that comes from God is good. When you mourn the loss of a loved one, it is important to remember that how life and death are part of God’s plan. The Jewish tradition teaches that the soul of the deceased is judged according to their past deeds. Everything that a person has done in a temporary life is carefully thought out, in his opinion. Pronounces Kaddish prayer for the dead serves as proof that the deceased left pious people trained and practicing the ways of faith. Recitation Kaddish is regarded as the ultimate sign of love and respect for those who are still connected to earth, can practice for those who have died.

Let his great name be exalted and sanctified to be the great name of God in the world He created according to His will! He will establish His kingdom and His salvation of carcases and Anointed One is near. During your life and in your days and during the life of the whole house of Israel, quickly and in the near future! And he will say: amen. Let His great name be blessed forever, and forever and ever! Blessed and praised, glorified and exalted, exalted and honoured, adored and praised be the name of the Holy, blessed to be, for all the blessings and hymns, praises and consolations that are uttered in the world! And he will say: amen. This prayer and prayer of all Israelis will be accepted by their Heavenly Father; And he will say: amen.

In Israel, the rabbis and their disciples are the disciples of his disciples and all those who have devoted themselves to studying the Torah in this holy place or elsewhere, that in abundant peace, grace, love of kindness come and compassion, long life, Sustenance and salvation from the Father who is in the heavens and on earth; And he will say: amen. You have a rich world in heaven and satisfaction, help, comfort, shelter, healing, redemption, forgiveness, redemption, relief and salvation for us and for all his people, Israel; And he will say: amen. This makes the world in its lofty places its Mercy Grant peace for us and for all its people Israel; And he will say: amen.

I hope that you see the beauty of the prayer and comfort offered by the mourners. He recognizes that God, and not the man, has control. He recognizes that everything comes from God and not by accident, but by design and purposeful. You will learn why we must trust God’s ways, as we struggle with our earthly concern. Yes, a loved one has died, but your tears of pain that will never be seen in this life, and a sign of your acceptance of the will of God. You can be sure that they came to serve the purpose of God and fulfilled their task, and they left to continue his spirit, as they themselves to fulfill God’s plan in creation.

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