Who Was Abraham?

A story about the life of Abraham can be found in the Bible. Abraham was the founder of Judaism – the religion of the Jews and the forebear of the Jewish people. Accompanied by his family – the wife of Sarah, father, and nephew of Lot, he traveled from Ur in Chaldea to Canaan. But in the way Abraham had a vision: the Lord arrives before him and told him to go to Canaan. So, Abraham, Sarah, Lot, their servants, the cattle turned to Canaan.

It was a dry time and there was not enough water for cattle. Abraham asked his nephew to choose any path and follow it, but Abraham decided to go in the opposite direction and went out to the fertile lands of Jordan; At the rocky mountains they broke up with Abraham. Again, God appeared to Abraham and said that he would grant him and his posterity all the land that stretched around. Abraham lived to be 99 years old, but he had no child.

He disappointed greatly until the Lord said that Sarah would give him a son named Isaac. So it occurs a son was born. Old Abraham and Sarah loved him madly. But the day came when God asked Abraham to bring his son to the mountain and kill him as a blessed sacrifice to God. And the old man tied his son’s hands, went up with him to the mountain, brought a knife, but then the Lord canceled his order, for Abraham proved his love for him by his Compliance to sacrifice the only son. But Abraham noticed a lamb in the bush and sacrificed it.

Later, the son of Isaac – Jacob was born twelve sons, the descendants of which formed the Israeli people, as they say in the Old Testament.

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