In China, There Is A Mysterious Ancient Water Pipe, Which Is Unknown By Anyone Built

04 Apr

Mount Baigong Shan, which is in the Chinese province of Qinghai, has been churning the minds of historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena for many years. On one of the mountain slopes is a pyramid- shaped structure, all of which have an artificial origin – the structure consists of metal pipes that enhance far into the rock mass.

According to some researchers, the age of the pipes is so great that, most likely, the pyramid was not created by people – at that time there was no technology necessary to implement such a project.

Employees of Atlas Obscura believe that the pyramid was built by aliens:
The diameter of the hollow tubes varies from a few millimeters to 40 cm, and they are not randomly prepared, but in a certain order. Metal pipes enter the rock fairly deep, so as not to strike the eye. The nomads inhabiting this area hardly overwhelmed such advanced metallurgical skills, therefore the pyramid is not their business, most likely, some more advanced civilizations have interfered here.

However, supporters of extraterrestrial theories about the origin of this structure will have to take into account the results of the latest scientific research of some scientists. According to their assumptions, rusty metal pipes are nothing but reserved remains of tree roots. As a result of diagenesis (the gradual transformation of soil into rock), the roots were embedded in the rock and then turned into something that resembled rusty metal pipes in shape and properties.

By the way, the researchers have already found confirmation of this theory – in the material from which the pipes are found, organic element and even the remains of the annual tree rings are found.

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