A romantic mystery of Georgian history

30 Apr

Georgian historyTamar entered Georgian history as a fair and wise queen. The time of her reign is rightly called the Golden Age. Her coronation was the first time in the history of the country when a woman ascended to the throne. The name Tamar today is covered with legends, one of the most romantic is associated with the name of the famous poet Shota Rustaveli …

Historians are still arguing about what connected Queen Tamar and the poet Rustaveli. Their relationship was fanned by a romantic fleur, Tamar favored a talented poet and granted him the place of a treasurer at the court. He also sang his beloved in the immortal poem The Knight in the Panther’s Skin.

According to the plot of the poem, the king of Arabia, Rostevan, decides that his daughter Tinatin should enter the throne, since he has no sons. In the preface of Shota Rustaveli points out that his literary creation is a hymn in honor of Queen Tamara: Let’s sing Tamar the queen, revered sacred! Divinely composed hymns I dedicated to her once.

Shota Rustaveli sincerely admires Tamar: he describes her beauty, and afterward – personal qualities and merits on the throne. The poet affirms the equality of men and women, Tamar perfectly copes with the governance of the state, which is why he leads it. Rustaveli allegorically describes the behavior of Tamar in the poem on the day of ascension to the throne: following the behests of his father to be a generous and wise ruler, she distributes jewelry and the best horses to guests present during the feast.

Tamar’s personal life was not easy. The first marriage was political, the young queen was married to the Novgorod prince Yuri Bogolyubsky. This union was unhappy, Yuri turned out to be a drunkard, he could raise his hand to Tamar, and two years later the capricious queen decided to divorce. It is significant that Yuri tried to take revenge on his ex-wife, having gone on a military campaign against Georgia, but Tamar was able to break his squad.

Tamar’s second marriage proved to be reliable and strong. Her chosen one was the Ossetian prince Soslan, with whom Tamar knew the joy of motherhood, they had a son, George, and daughter Rusudan. By the time Tamara saw the family happiness, Shota Rustaveli was leaving Georgia, and he decided to get a haircut for monks in Palestine.

In their lifetime meetings, Tamar and Sota were no more. However, after her death, the queen left a mystery to historians: she ordered to hide the burial place of her ashes. According to one of the versions, from the family crypt of Gelati her ashes were secretly transferred to Palestine, to the same monastery of the Holy Cross where Shota Rustaveli lived his life. Evidence of this allegedly preserved in the chronicles, which are stored in the Vatican. Who knows, perhaps, after death, the great queen wanted to stay close to the poet who sang her?

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