A romantic mystery of Georgian history

Georgian historyTamar entered Georgian history as a fair and wise queen. The time of her reign is rightly called the Golden Age. Her coronation was the first time in the history of the country when a woman ascended to the throne. The name Tamar today is covered with legends, one of the most romantic is associated with the name of the famous poet Shota Rustaveli …

Historians are still arguing about what connected Queen Tamar and the poet Rustaveli. Their relationship was fanned by a romantic fleur, Tamar favored a talented poet and granted him the place of a treasurer at the court. He also sang his beloved in the immortal poem The Knight in the Panther’s Skin. Continue reading “A romantic mystery of Georgian history”

The Sun of the Golden Age

Golden AgeThe spring was friendly and sunny was the summer … The generous sun of the Golden Age shone above the sprouting fields and villages scattered across the plains and highlands. In the autumn, the ears were filled with grain, and the whole family went out to harvest: the reapers became one row and, singing the praises of the Great Mother, cut the ears with wooden sickles with silicon inserts.

Then they transferred the grain to a common barn at the tribal church, ground the stone pistils with grain, baked cakes from flour, cooked beer and prepared for the Harvest Festival. Continue reading “The Sun of the Golden Age”

The Worst Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind

Environmental Disaster In 2011, the earthquake, which is believed to be aftershock after another chilean earthquake in 2010, triggered a tsunami that caused the melting of reactors at Tepco’s nuclear power plant in the japanese city of fukushima. Three reactors melt, and the subsequent emission of radiation into the water was the largest in the history of mankind. Only three months after the disaster, radioactive chemicals were discarded in the Pacific Ocean in quantities exceeding the emissions during the Chernobyl’s disaster.

However, in fact, in fact indicators can be much more, because, as in recent years has been proven by several scientists, official japanese estimates of reality do not match. Continue reading “The Worst Environmental Disaster in the History of Mankind”

The Word of a Gentleman

The word On april 2, 1801, the british fleet under the command of admiral hyde parker, without declaration of war, attacked the danish squadron defending the Copenhagen capital of denmark. The reason for the attack was the accession of denmark to the “union of armed neutrality”, advocating for free trade and against the british-declared naval blockade of continental europe.

In addition to Denmark, the union included russia, prussia and sweden, dissatisfied with the fact that the british drowned or seized civil ships of neutral countries, delivering goods to france or to territories controlled by france. Continue reading “The Word of a Gentleman”

In China, There Is A Mysterious Ancient Water Pipe, Which Is Unknown By Anyone Built

Mount Baigong Shan, which is in the Chinese province of Qinghai, has been churning the minds of historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena for many years. On one of the mountain slopes is a pyramid- shaped structure, all of which have an artificial origin – the structure consists of metal pipes that enhance far into the rock mass.

According to some researchers, the age of the pipes is so great that, most likely, the pyramid was not created by people – at that time there was no technology necessary to implement such a project.

Employees of Atlas Obscura believe that the pyramid was built by aliens: Continue reading “In China, There Is A Mysterious Ancient Water Pipe, Which Is Unknown By Anyone Built”

Who Was Abraham?

A story about the life of Abraham can be found in the Bible. Abraham was the founder of Judaism – the religion of the Jews and the forebear of the Jewish people. Accompanied by his family – the wife of Sarah, father, and nephew of Lot, he traveled from Ur in Chaldea to Canaan. But in the way Abraham had a vision: the Lord arrives before him and told him to go to Canaan. So, Abraham, Sarah, Lot, their servants, the cattle turned to Canaan.

It was a dry time and there was not enough water for cattle. Abraham asked his nephew to choose any path and follow it, but Abraham decided to go in the opposite direction and went out to the fertile lands of Jordan; At the rocky mountains they broke up with Abraham. Again, God appeared to Abraham and said that he would grant him and his posterity all the land that stretched around. Abraham lived to be 99 years old, but he had no child. Continue reading “Who Was Abraham?”