In Mongolia Found an Ancient Burial

28 Mar

Archaeologists kept their discovery secretly for 4 months in fear of the vandals. November 27 last year in the rocks on the altar Altanktsgts Bayan light animal Mongolian archaeologists discovered a burial supposedly associated with the XIII – XVII centuries.

The body was in a carved wooden coffin. Next to the body were a saddle, a stirrup, a stroller, a bow and arrow a wooden bowl, a Mongolian wood made of cloth and an Eskimo felt.On is the spirit of an ancestor of a family or clan, its cult image in the culture of the Mongolian peoples.

Employees of the Institute of Archeology and History of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences examined the findings and found that their initial assumption about the age of the find was incorrect. The discovered burial belongs to the XII century.

All the finds – saddle, stirrup, stroller, bow and wooden bowl, Mongolian deer of cloth are very well preserved. For the first time, a cult image was discovered – Ongo of ancient Mongols made of felt.

Parts of amulets (canine wolves, deer horns, bones, feathers of birds, parts of wood, etc.) were used as amulets. Ongoing also called the image, the iconographic sign of the spirit, the deity.Onions are considered the vessels of spirits of dead ancestors. They are made of wood, wool, fur, leather, felt, metal and fabric.

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