Aliens live underground?

06 Mar

AliensResearchers at Yale University have recently suggested that the creature, which we take to be the aliens might actually reside under the ground, and not on other planets. From the same fly machines that we call UFOs. By the way, in folklore, there is plenty of evidence of so-called underground life …

The fact is that in the bowels of the earth at a depth of about 19 kilometers has created an environment quite favorable for life. Radiation and temperature is no higher than the norm, beyond which the human body may be in danger.

Legends of the underground people, spirits, Demons, Gnome and others are prevalent for a long time. So, in the Urals and Western Siberia goes a lot of legends about the tribe of dark-skinned people who had magical powers – Chud. They seem to be built under the city’s land and live there still. Sometimes in caves and mountain tunnels reveal their tracks. And other people have ever even visit the underground cities Tschudi country, which they then told amazing things.

According to one version, Chud lived in the Altai, on the territory of modern. Hence the name: in the language of the people Chud cola means fish, Evan – Stream, all together – fish creek. Chud ore mined here. Parts of it were melted down and out of the gun and do some other mysterious things. The rest simply ore was scattered around. When these parts become messengers to go and see the king, the Chud went under the earth, the earth closed over them.

Renowned researcher Ernst believes that the underground people can live on Easter Island. In addition to the well-known idols, there are also mysterious stone structures, which scientists have long been taken for old chicken coops. But one of the local Aboriginal that descend into the chicken houses dangerous, because there you can meet .

Among the local population there are legends that once these creatures lived close to ordinary people, but then went to live under the ground, and the entrances to their habitations masked chicken houses. According to the natives, they try not to cause harm to people, but also close to him are not allowed. If a person sets foot on their territory, they send him to the mental order him to leave … Attack only to those who show aggression towards them.

Indeed, on Easter Island underground tunnels were discovered, which theoretically could be built… Similar tunnels, by the way, and found during excavations of the Mongolian mounds. Archaeologists stumbled upon the cave strange spherical shape, apparently artificial origin. On its rear wall was caused huge, several meters high, image of a man with wings. According to the Mongols, once the cave was a ritual. And when they threw a stone into the failure – could not hear the sound of falling. But when people stopped to visit a cave with a ritual purpose, and began throwing garbage down – once they heard the roar of the bottom, as if the plate has moved … It seems that the inhabitants of the dungeon fail closed and completely fenced off from people …

Facts about the existence of an underground civilization also informed ufologists infamous Edward Snowden. According to him, he was able to copy a number of documents in the possession of the CIA. According to them, the US government has long been aware of the fact that flying saucers belong to members of a highly race, inhabiting underground. This race originated billions of years ago and is far ahead in the development of mankind.

CIA over the years by a variety of monitoring systems to collect data about this civilization. Its representatives can be attributed to homo sapiens, but they are much more advanced intellectually. The zone of their habitat – the earth’s mantle, where conditions remain stable for billions of years.

Evolution of the underground inhabitants was much faster than ours, since the development of this civilization is not hampered many disasters and catastrophes that have befallen the inhabitants of the planet’s surface.

All information about the underground race is a state secret, which is not allowed to even scientists working for the government, says Edward Snowden. Today do not pay much attention to us, because we compared them simply ants. But intelligence agencies still do not rule out the possibility of aggression against humanity, and in any case have developed a plan, according to which in case of emergency nuclear explosions will be made in the deep caves that are buried the enemy civilization under the earth and destroy its communications that could prevent further attacks

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