What Is Civilization And How Do We Find Out About Them?

The term “Civilization” is usually applied to peoples whose culture has already reached a certain level of development. This level is characterized by the invention of writing, the creation of a calendar, and the development of large public entities, such as settlements and cities, with a well-organized management system (administration), codes of law and monumental architecture.

A lot of time has passed since man achieved what we call civilized society.

At first man, like animals was in a wild state. He did not speak, and only used what he could find for food. Later people began to live collectives, learned how to obtain fire, and later learned how to make tools and hunt. Man learned to make pottery for cooking, began to live in tribes, could move from one place to another. Continue reading “What Is Civilization And How Do We Find Out About Them?”

On The Moon Want to Build a Temple

 In order to satisfy the spiritual and psychological needs of people who will be the first  colonists on the Moon.It is proposed to build an observatory temple on South Pole.

The author of the project on erecting a temple on the Moon was the graduate of the London College of Art, Spaniard Jorge Manes Rubio. People whose home will be the Moon will be cut off from civilization in a dark, cold and extremely inhospitable world and the need for spiritual communication among them can become very urgent. Continue reading “On The Moon Want to Build a Temple”

 In Mongolia Found an Ancient Burial

Archaeologists kept their discovery secretly for 4 months in fear of the vandals. November 27 last year in the rocks on the altar Altanktsgts Bayan light animal Mongolian archaeologists discovered a burial supposedly associated with the XIII – XVII centuries.

The body was in a carved wooden coffin. Next to the body were a saddle, a stirrup, a stroller, a bow and arrow a wooden bowl, a Mongolian wood made of cloth and an Eskimo felt.On is the spirit of an ancestor of a family or clan, its cult image in the culture of the Mongolian peoples. Continue reading ” In Mongolia Found an Ancient Burial”

The Heritage of Ancient Civilization


Huge structures of blocks of stones are called megaliths. They are considered the most mysterious among other mysteries of nature. Despite the fact that the megaliths of Russia are a legacy of an ancient civilization, they have not been studied by Russian scientists. Most of them were found in the territory of Kamchatka and Siberia.

For example, about 200 kilometers from the village travelers accidentally stumbled upon amazing stone blocks of cylindrical shape. After their signal about an incredible find, a group of archaeologists soon went for research. Continue reading “The Heritage of Ancient Civilization”

The First Passenger Capsule Hyperloop

HyperloopHyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has begun construction of the first full-size passenger cabin of the transport system Hyperloop, the press service of the company reported.

It is expected that at the beginning of 2018, an official display of the finished product will be held at HTT Research Center in Toulouse for its further integration and optimization. Then the capsule will be used in a commercial system, which will be announced shortly after the negotiations and feasibility study, which are currently taking place in different parts of the world, the company said. Continue reading “The First Passenger Capsule Hyperloop”

How To Survive On Mars Without Earth Resources?

MarsWhen people arrive on the Red Planet, they will need time to adapt to local conditions. They will also have to learn how to extract and use resources in ways that were not planned.

The colonization of Mars will not be an easy feat for mankind. Need billions of dollars and years of specialized research led by some of the most intelligent scientists and engineers of the world. Continue reading “How To Survive On Mars Without Earth Resources?”

The social and economic system of Babylonia

BabyloniaThe economy, social and political system of the Babylonian state in the reign of Hammurabi is known due to the preserved code of laws of this king, his correspondence with governors and officials and private-law documents.

The publication of the laws was a serious political undertaking by Hammurabi, aimed at consolidating his vast power. The code of laws is divided into three parts: the introduction, the text of the laws themselves and the conclusion. He is the most important source on many sides of the life of the Babylonian society of the first half of the 18th century. BC. E. Continue reading “The social and economic system of Babylonia”

Culture and Art of Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient MesopotamiaMesopotamia is one of the most important centers of world civilization and ancient urban culture. Pioneers on the path to creating this culture were the Sumerians, whose achievements were mastered and developed further by the Babylonians and Assyrians. The origins of Mesopotamian culture date back to the IV millennium BC. When cities began to emerge. For a long period of its existence, it had internal unity, continuity of traditions, inseparable connection of its organic components.

The initial stages of the Mesopotamian culture were marked by the invention of a kind of letter that later turned into a cuneiform script. It was cuneiform writing that was the core of the Mesopotamian civilization, which unified all its aspects and allowed to preserve traditions. Continue reading “Culture and Art of Ancient Mesopotamia”

Sunset of Babylon

BabylonIt was only six years after the death of King Nebuchadnezzar II, and the dynasty founded by him had already lost power. In mid-May, 556 BC, the throne was captured by the indigenous Babylonian Nabonidus, the son of one of the greatest nobles of Babylon. He married the Egyptian queen Nitokris, the widow of Nebuchadnezzar II, and adopted the prince Belsharruusur (Belshazzar), son of Nebuchadnezzar II and Nitokris. Unlike the kings of the Chaldean origin that preceded him, Nabonid was araeem.

The government of Nabonidus was marked by a series of unprecedented acts. Hardly having mastered the throne, he retired to the Arabian steppes and deserts. Continue reading “Sunset of Babylon”

Aliens live underground?

AliensResearchers at Yale University have recently suggested that the creature, which we take to be the aliens might actually reside under the ground, and not on other planets. From the same fly machines that we call UFOs. By the way, in folklore, there is plenty of evidence of so-called underground life …

The fact is that in the bowels of the earth at a depth of about 19 kilometers has created an environment quite favorable for life. Radiation and temperature is no higher than the norm, beyond which the human body may be in danger. Continue reading “Aliens live underground?”