Yellowstone is a Sea of Coal

15 Feb

CoalGeophysics, France and the UK have discovered a giant carbon sea in the western United States. For the study of carbon in the sea in the world’s largest super volcano, scientists used sensors 583 largest in the world.

They measured the vibrations inside the planet to determine the depth of the composition of its layers. The reservoir with the carbon dissolved in the mantle, lies at a depth of 350 km

The surface area of the sea coal reaches 1.8 million square meters. Km. More than half of the Yellowstone caldera.

According to scientists, the carbon in the sea was formed due to the fact that American plates overlap each other in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the influence of carbon dioxide and water, which are contained in the plates minerals, rocks melted.

The data indicate that the upper mantle planet contains up to 100 billion tons of carbon. Previously it was assumed that the mass of carbon in the mantle is only 10 billion tons.

In addition, mankind emits far less carbon than in the bowels of the planet. This means that the characteristics of the global carbon cycle revised.

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